24 December 2006

The Book of Lies by James Moloney

I want one! A book of lies, that is. The amazing book that this novel from James Moloney is centered around has the ability to discern if a person is speaking the truth or a lie. Truth can be a slippery thing though and the characters in this book soon find the the book can be an unreliable voice. I enjoyed it. There must be a sequel though as there are stories left untold when arriving at the last page. On his webpage, the author states the sequel is due in 2006. I haven't come across it yet.
James Moloney is one of my favourite writers. We teach "A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove" to our year 8s. I think "Lost Property", which I read earlier in the year was one of my favourite reads for this year. My son also enjoyed it.

22 December 2006

Good Magazine

This video highlights how much is spent on gaining our attention by companies wanting to promote. Big bucks! I love the 'Good Magazine' clips I've seen. I can't seem to get the feed working but when I do, I'll share.

21 December 2006

I predict.....

I want to participate in the ProBlogger Group Writing Project and the topic is 'Reviews and Predictions', so I am very excited about reading what other bloggers offer on this topic. I love predictions! I enjoy reading Darren Rowse's blog, I like his approach to writing and sharing and there are usually a couple of useful things to me each week even though I don't expect to be a 'problogger'.
My grand prediction for 2007 is that TED Talks will be worth tuning into. I just received their program for 2007 and I am delighted to see some of the upcoming talks.
The 9th of March for example boasts of Edward DeBono, Dan Goleman J.J. Abrams, Tracy Chapman and Isabel Allende. This is just one of the days. Icons. Geniuses. Mavericks. That just about covers it. There are some amazing visionary people on this list, too many to mention. I am looking forward to enjoying these talks next year.
On the topic of Isabel Allende, my kids bought me Ines of my Soul for my birthday and I am saving it for my holiday reading. I love her books! I enjoyed 'My Invented Country' this year and absolutely loved it. I enjoyed the whole concept that she had created this place and was able to recognise this. I also loved, as always with her writing, reading about Chile. It is definately on my list of places I want to go.
I predict Amanda Bloom will be in my CD collection in the future. I want more songs to listen to from her and I hope I will be able to add her CD to my Christmas list next year. In the meantime, listen to this podcast. There are some awesome Aussie women who are unsigned and very enjoyable. I have enjoyed this podcast.

19 December 2006

Cloudbursting by Kate Bush

I wish Kate would bring her machine here and make some rain. Our town is drying up. All the people who cut their lawns really short, now have dead lawns. Ours still has a little green because we keep it long and leave the clippings on it, which I think helps to keep the grass alive.
It's less smoky here today though than yesterday. I got a clip of the smoke coming from the nearby hills, but am having some issues with Revver right now so I can't put it up. I will probably put it on Blip TV later tonight if I haven't sorted it out and post it here tomorrow or later.
This blog post Cloudbursting on the blog "Cool Looking Stuff" is a great compilation of clips associated with Kate Bush's great song from the 'Hounds of Love' album, Cloudbusting. There is an interview on the post that explains where she got her inspiration. I just love to learn about the inspiration behind the art. Whatever the art! It truly helps me to learn to draw from my own different sources when I am creating.

17 December 2006

All roads lead to David Bowie

In the days before the final bell went at school, I gave each class an overview of what they would be learning next year and the topics that would be covered. Many of my students really weren't interested as they could smell the holidays by that stage and the thought of next years learning wasn't a priority. So I explained to them about the RAS antenae and how it could help them to do better next year.
I did a course once that was about learning and I only vaguely remember the facilitator talking about your Reticular Activating System or RAS being like antenae and once you decided to learn something you would begin to notice it everywhere. The example that was given was when you buy a new car that you feel is rare and distinctive and then you start to see it everywhere. I have had that experience! I have also found that often when I was studying at uni, information and knowledge that I needed would seem to come to me from all different sources that I wouldn't have expected. If you are interesting in learning more about this there is an interesting discussion here.
Getting back to the topic, lately I have been seeing David Bowie everywhere. Well not in person, unfortunately, yet I rather fear that if I did he would make a song about me and it would hurt my feelings like the YouTube clip my brother sent me where he sang about a 'Chubby Little Fat Guy'. I would put it on here, except I thought it was a little sad and cruel. I have no sense of humour sometimes.
I have been reading him on blogs everywhere. Just little snippets or photos. So I think my RAS on David Bowie is in action. The wonder of it is, that I don't know why other than having been a fan for so many years. I have never been to a concert sadly. I was very close to going to one in 1983, yet it was the night before my HSC (now VCE)English exam. Why didn't I just go anyway? It would have improved my performance. I know that now!

Instead I will put this interview from Rove that was filmed about 8 months ago and shows all the things I love about him. He is healthy, interested and creative with a dry sense of humour that I love. Rove is great also. 'The two names are synonymous with sin and fun.' Enjoy!

16 December 2006

2006 School Year Complete

Is there anything sweeter than the first days of a long holiday period? The weeks stretch out before me. I am generating lots of to do lists and pottering around setting little things straight around my home. I am preparing for our summer trip and excited about the adventure it will be. I am purchasing last minute gifts for Christmas and looking forward to the big day when I'll feast with the family and give and get.
Yesterday, although it was the first day of my holidays, I went into work to tie up a few loose ends that in my rush to finish I had not managed to attend to. I tried to kid myself that it would wait until next year, but they niggled at me in the morning and I knew they would lose their significance if I didn't have them done. I feel at peace now and complete with my year.
In reflecting on this year of teaching, it hasn't been one of my better years to be honest. I have been cranky and haven't managed to build positive relationships with as many of my students as I have in previous years. I am aware of some of the reasons for this, but can not excuse myself. I have made my work harder and feel I have not given my best to the kids. Over the holidays I want to redesign my thinking in this area. I like teaching because I learn so much. I am letting it go now though. It's done. Next year I will be better for having learnt what I have this year.

15 December 2006

Johnny Cash - Hurt

This clip is really good. It makes me think about the big questions. Johnny Cash's music is moving and touches your heart and soul.

12 December 2006

Giving and Receiving

December means Christmas season. It starts way too early out there in the wider world, but in our family with so many Sagittarian's I don't start with the Christmas tree and the serious contemplation of Christmas until after my daughter's birthday. So about now for me.
I have actually been doing a bit of shopping here and there this year, so I don't have too many people still to buy for. I was wondering today if the people I have to buy for have wishlists somewhere online that I am not tapping into. They could have an Amazon wishlist or a Froogle wishlist and I am just not aware of it. It would be really cool if they did. I was thinking about the possibility that people may add their wildest hopes to those kinds of lists and it would be fun to give others exactly what they wanted. One of my close friends has 8 people by the same name and none of them sound like her taste on Amazon. Luckily though the majority of people on my list I am in contact with regularly enough to know what they love.
Today I read a wonderful article by Steve Pavlina called "Making Money Consciously". It is one of the most grounded, yet inspiring and helpful things I have read for a while and it made me think about my contribution to social value.

10 December 2006

Zefrank's Learning Strategies

Zefrank has some seriously good ideas delivered in his usual frank and delightful way. I am a fan.

Interestingly he uses divorced people as a metaphor and after spending a really positive evening with my ex-husband, current family and friends and ex-in-laws last night to celebrate my wonderful 18 year old's birthday, I know it works, interestingly enough. Watch the video, it may make sense. If not - Oh well. It was a great night.

08 December 2006

David Bowie - im afraid of americans

nine inch nails & david bowie
I'm afraid of americans

I'm a fan of David Bowie. I have been for a long time. One of my students in their "Person I Admire" year 9 oral presentation, spoke about David Bowie. It was well-reseached and well delivered and she wasn't aware I was a fan. Her excellent taste paid off!

06 December 2006

Some Week!!

Some weeks should never be repeated and this was one of them.
I did have a very happy birthday though and indulged myself with a massage and a delicious brunch with my cherished children. I received lots of calls and birthday wishes and felt very well loved and grateful for all the gorgeous people in my life.
Everything goes pear shaped in the last week of school, but this week has been extra so.
I'm tired and ready for my holidays now. Hanging in there.

01 December 2006

It's my Birthday Tomorrrow

Start early with your celebrations!
During report writing week, I always read as though there is no tomorrow. My first consumption was 'Conrad's Fate' by Diana Wynne Jones. It was an enjoyable read and I read The Merlin Conspiracy, when my kids received it as a gift for Christmas a couple of years ago. My sister-in-law said the bookseller had told her it was a suitable replacement for kids who were suffering Harry Potter withdrawal. I enjoyed it, but I don't think my son got through it.
I totally enjoyed Allie McGregor's True Colours by Sue Lawson. It captures much of the angst I see in the teenagers who attend the place I work. It was a quick read and easy to devour. The characters were familiar and lovable.
I completed the first draft of my reports last night and am very pleased with myself because it is my birthday tomorrow and I always strive to be complete before then. I love my birthday.

27 November 2006

The Window

This Revver video reminds me of the book one of my students presented in his wider reading oral this week. The book is called the window and it tells an amazing story, without words.

Was expecting 'The Fool'

You are The Empress

Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation.

The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents,
beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home
decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful.

The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

25 November 2006

Ups and Downs

This week has been a rollercoaster ride. I have been all over the place emotionally and mentally.
My daughter had her graduation this week and because she was school captain, had to give a speech. I was so proud of her and in awe of her speaking abilities. She has such a presence when she speaks in public and I am always bursting with pride when I hear her. I also feel a little nostalgic about her finishing school.
My son has had a bit of a health issue that we're still not sure about. I am worried yet hopeful it will all be ok at the same time. So therefore quite up and down about that.
Naturally it is report writing week!
I managed to squeeze in 'An Inconvenient Truth', with the school and it lived up to it's name because it was inconvenient. When you live in a regional area though, you have to support these films with small niche audiences,or they don't come back! Also there was a group organised from school/work, so I didn't want to miss it either.
I read weblogg-ed: "Is Reading Dead" this morning and remembered a lovely moment this week, I might have forgotten in the big action of this week. One of my year 7s who at the beginning of the year hated reading came to tell me she had finished the book I recommended for her last week. As I was so busy and self absorbed, I nearly brushed her off with a nod and a 'well done' smile, but she wouldn't accept that. She said "Tell me, did you cry?". I had to have a look then and really remember the book. It was Painted Love Letters by Catherine Bateson. I admitted that I had sobbed when I read it. It was a great book. She really wanted to share the effect it had on her.
These are the peak moments for me as a teacher. I nearly lost that moment in the rush of the week, so my answer to the question 'Is reading dead?', is no way. This happens quite regularly enough for me to keep going to school every day, correcting, writing reports, doing yard duty and all the other parts of being a teacher that I find less inspiring and enjoyable.

23 November 2006

Amanda Bloom - WoW

Last night I heard Amanda Bloom's 'Magdeline' on the radio. It is an amazing song. I loved it on first hearing. I remember the first time I heard Tori Amos and it was a similar experience. She is like Kate Bush. I love Kate Bush.
The lyrics of 'Magdeline' are moving and you can read all about them on her myspace blog.

She is a Sydney woman. Her voice is magic and I look forward to hearing more. I would buy a CD of hers today if I could. The Triple J radio announcer said last night she was classically trained. You can hear that discipline and excellence. I can't say enough. If you go to Triple J Unearthed, you can download Magdeline and listen for yourself. I am going to register today and vote.

20 November 2006

Oh ZeFrank is good too

PS: Sorry, but this is really good too. Ze Frank too, TED is good. I know, I really should start saving posts as drafts until I am sure I am finished. As a bonus to you for your inconvenience, I am willing to put this other Ze Frank from Revver up, but make sure you watch the TED one, cause it's good....:

Ted Talks

Considering what it costs to see Anthony Robbins live, this is good value. It's free! He tells a very touching story. I've listened to a few Anthony Robbins tapes over the years, but not until today did I hear him say the F word. So that was interesting! I kinda liked it. Made him seem more human to me. I know, I have issues.
Actually you can watch a video of Tony Robbins. He looks good too.
I have been checking out TED Talks again today. I watched a video there the other day, I don't know if I mentioned it here but it was about Happiness by Dan Gilbert and I really enjoyed it. This is a valuable resource. There are quite a few great speakers on this site and I think you could treat yourself to the time it takes to listen to a half hour or so, or download a podcast.
Oh and since U2 is in Australia, you might like to celebrate that by watching Bono here.

19 November 2006


Today I swept my paths. I have paths all around my home and because Andy had done such a magnificent job in the back yard, it inspired me to uncover the paths in the front yard, which had been buried, probably since last spring, by tanbark. The path was totally covered. It looks great now.
I do love overgrown and hidden paths though, just not at my home. Here is a picture I took this time last year on a walk at Cape Patterson. I like beach paths especially when they are dark and overgrown and then you emerge out on an open beach that seems so wide open and light in contrast to the path you have taken to get there.

18 November 2006

On the Jellicoe Road

PS. My son loved this book too.

Melina Marchetta's Books

I have recently consumed 'On the Jellicoe Road' by Melina Marchetta. It was like a puzzle I had to patiently pursue as the pieces came together. There were times I felt I had no clue what was going on and I had to reread parts as I knew I'd missed something important. It was worth it though. I felt I had been on a real reading journey when I finished and I found the resolutions satisfying. After finishing it, I am unsure why it wasn't predictable but I know I didn't realise the obvious because of the crafty way the author revealed the character's.
I loved her first book. This was different from Looking for Alibrandi, which was a more straightforward read. Her characters were realistic and rich, and I enjoyed them. I haven't read Saving Francesca (Bccb Blue Ribbon Fiction Books (Awards)). I am not sure why, but I know after enjoying the latest book so much I will make a point of borrowing it and reading it this summer.

15 November 2006

News articles about online love

ABC News
York Daily Record

Go to Google News

These first two articles came to my attention today so I went to Google News and was quite surprised by the number of articles. It's feeling very mainstream to me now. I guess enough has been said!

14 November 2006

Internet Matchmaker

I am enjoying watching one of my closest friends have her first experience of using online dating websites. It is an exciting time and full of promise. I recommended this to her because I have found it to be the best and most enjoyable way to find a partner. It has a bit of cringe factor for some people still. I guess if you have not wanted to meet a partner in the last 10+ years, you would have no need, therefore see fit to criticise it or find it 'wierd'. The other people who are not into it are people who will never read this blog because they haven't yet learnt to use a computer. Needless to say, they are never gonna do it.
I found it a great way to meet my partner. I loved the time when we were getting to know each other via email. It was sweet and gentle and romantic. The first telephone conversation, our first meeting and so on, was all gradual and made the process delightful and lasting.
Perhaps I was very lucky. I only met one other person I communicated with online, and at that first meeting, knew instantly there was no real attraction. It was challenging to have to say that, but no worse than saying no to someone you have met anywhere.
This leads me to a point I want to make, meeting and relating to someone online is the same as any other way. If you find it difficult to trust, it will be the same in real life as it is online. If you are desperate, gullible, if you fantasize, if you are afraid of commitment, intimacy, success, whatever, the internet will not magically transform or hide that. If you are going to have problems in relationships, they will still be there. It is just a convenient way to meet, minus the scene you don't want to be in(insert club,pub,mother's/friends blind date whatever applies) but for wanting to find a partner.
This weekend another friend I recommended online dating to, is getting married. She is 60ish and hadn't had someone special in her life for the 5+ years I had known her. She is very happy. This is why I recommend it and enjoy sharing my positive experience with others. It's great to see people happy and in love.

11 November 2006

Rednose - A treat

This morning I have found the website REDNOSE. The puppets and images are touching and I encourage you to take a look. A very special artist.

08 November 2006

Stealing Stacey by Lynne Reid Banks

My latest YA read involved a child from London being kidnapped, without her own awareness for most of her ordeal, by her grandmother. She is taken to outback Australia and introduced to many new experiences. I enjoyed it as a light read. It was a fun read and quite a pleasant break from some of the heavier books I've read lately. There were some interesting characters.

07 November 2006

Personal Growth GURU

GURU - Gee You Are You!
Since I'm being the big personal growth stuff promoter today, I also forgot to mention, Steve Pavlina has now forums on his site. I haven't spent a real lot of time there, but had a quick scan of them and it looks like personal growth city from here. There are heaps of topics already and it's only been up a little while. In his most recent blog post he says there are already over 3000 posts and almost 1000 users have registered, so I am guessing there will be a great range of opinions and ideas and lots of lively 'Personal Growth for Smart People' discussions.
So off you go and personally develop:-)

Watch the Secret - Now - For Free

I'm not sure how this has come about, but if you have a spare hour and a half, perhaps longer because I imagine it will take some time to stream/download, or whatever it does online, watch this. "The Secret" for free.
The blog it is on, is also worth a look:It's Not About Your Stuff
I have added it to my bloglines feed. She recommends good stuff and it looks quite informative and interesting.

06 November 2006

Sunday dinner & 'The Secret'

Last night we had our family Sunday dinner thing, that I have insisted upon since the midyear holidays. I was away at Loch Sport and I did a tonne of reading in the Personal Growth category. I took a few podcasts and generally had a big revision of my life, as I am inclined to do fairly regularly, anyway, the big thing, that I felt I was unhappy about was the lack of time I spend with my kids. I know it is natural for them to be out and about being teenagers, but I missed them. I already have to share them with their dad and now with their friends and part-time jobs added to that, it seemed I was just squeezing in the occasional nag about the mess in their rooms.
So whilst I was away I decided that I would back off with the nagging and let go of expected them to be home all the time, but in exchange for that they would both have to promise to be home for dinner on Sunday nights. We would eat together, at the dinner table, a good meal and catch up. I love Sunday nights now. Previously they had simply been a last clutch of the weekend, but now I plan a great meal, we set the table and enjoy each others company.
After dinner we sometimes watch a movie and once we played the DVD game my brother gave us for Christmas last year. It was great fun. Anyway, I'm sure you can see where this is heading.. Last night I forced them to watch 'The Secret'. They all complained and doubted and thought they would end up having to buy something. Afterwards, they all said they enjoyed it and that it was good. Regardless of their experience of it, I enjoyed it a lot more watching it for the second time. I noticed a few more things and I think I will watch it regularly to remind myself. Thoughts are Things.

05 November 2006

Astrology clips

Remember 11/7/06 in American is 7/11/06 in Australia and possibly other places that have that arrangement of date. I have not decided to direct you to July's horoscopes, because I just wouldn't do that. Who could remember back to then to check whether or not this guy is accurate or not? I am not sure about you, but I have no idea, I'd have to check my diary.

The Secret

I finally purchased and watched "The Secret". Yes the What Is The Secret

It was a great refresher for the Law of Attraction and I want to watch it again and share it with my kids. It didn't contain anything I have never been exposed to and many of the anecdotes I have previously read. The hype kind of spoils it because it creates this expectation that new material is coming to light, when really it is not new. However, that said, I still maintain my often repeated to groaning students stance "Repetition Leads to Discovery".

It's always good to refresh these ideas because it seems at times as though the world surrounding us is constantly reinforcing a false reality. I am having new thoughts today that are more what I choose for myself, so it worked some magic on me.

04 November 2006

For everything there is a Season

It's November already! I have been on camp at Tamboritha for the past three days and missed the start of the month. I took some videos whilst I was there which if you are interested, you can see here. Some of them are from the previous camp I went on last week. I'll probably post more later about camp.
Last night in my weary state, I realised I was three days of writing behind in the Nanowrimo writing frenzy I managed to complete last year. I attempted to start, because I have honestly been giving it some thought, but was really too tired to get much more than a thousand words out of myself. This morning I had a big think and decided, I can't do it. I have to let it go this year. I felt a bit of disappointment to be honest, as it felt great last year and I really enjoyed the challenge of it. I realised though, it is not the time of the year for me to be doing this.
Living in Australia, as I do, I have become annoyed with doing things at the wrong time of the year. If it were May and the days were getting shorter, I know I could nestle in to do some serious daily writing, but November is not realistic for me.
Last week, in my year 7 class, we discussed Halloween. Some of the kids are really into it and I can understand why. Some students said it is an American custom to trick or treat, and we shouldn't take it on here. I agree, but not because it is American or because it isn't a relevant thing to do. It is just not relevant in spring, as summer draws near, to be behaving like we are heading towards winter. We have just started daylight savings for goodness sake!
It is the same issue that I have with Nanowrimo. It's not the right season for me here. We should be celebrating spring, spending time outdoors, not holing up with our writing and not embracing darkness and symbolic death. It's all wrong. Perhaps I can start a Southern Hemisphere, May writing month! I'd have to come up with a better title!
I have been barely keeping up with writing blog posts lately. It's been a busy year I guess. I feel a restructuring of my life coming on, partnered with a major spring clean!

29 October 2006

VCE Time

I am proud of my daughters journey through the schools I have sent her to. She has always strived to do her best and has worked well at learning and building positive relationships with her peers and teachers. I haven't given her much assistance with her work and have never believed in motivating my children to study. 'Education is it's own reward.' is what I have chanted to them over the years. There have been no prizes or monetary values placed on doing well at school. There are no threats about doing poorly. It is after all, their own adventure into the world, they need to make mistakes so they can learn.

The imput I have had with both my children has been the occasional conversation when the frustration has built and they have fortunately chosen to discuss it with me rather than take extreme measures. The frustrations have usually come from teachers who don't care or don't know, or the typical dilema's with other students. There have been tough times and joyful times. I teach at the school they attended in junior secondary so it has been challenging for all of us at times. I do know the characters they are grappling with and not much could be hidden about actions they take.

Now she is doing her VCE exams and has prepared herself very well, throughout the year and now at the main event, she is taking responsibility to be the best she can be. I don't need the results to come in. I know she is a great success, and I am proud of her.

27 October 2006

Tamboritha 06 - 1st trip

It's almost a week since I've got the moment or ten that it takes to write a post. I have been to Tamboritha and it was great. We rode horses up past Licola and walked, as well of spending lots of time laughing and eating and just being away from it all. It was great. I enjoyed sitting in the creek in this video, whilst the water rushed by, however much slower and lower than it has been in the past. It is dry up there. As we walked across the snow plains there was very little squelch that makes it a big challenge. I love it up there though.
It is so refreshing to be away from it all. We had heaps of laughs and challenges and always when I return to school, it is tough.


22 October 2006

Sunday Stumble

No, I didn't go out last night and have a big one and stumble in this morning.
Yesterday I went to a school reunion type function,which was more a work responsibility than something I wanted to attend, and a person from 20 years ago recognised me and was quite shocked to see that I am now a respectable human being. Quite funny really.
Anyway.....you have to see this site that I stumbled on with 'StumbleUpon' today called 'Lords of the Logistic', It is an awesome site that has photo's of people doing amazing things. I recommend it to you so you can consider it next time you think you don't have enough room in your car, or something like that!
Stumbleupon is really my favourite timewaster at present. The sites referred are often really excellent and I find it the best way to find random new things.

19 October 2006

The Winners of 2006 CBCA

When I read the honour books I wondered what could possibly be better and win the Children's Book Council Awards. I read 'The Story of Tom Brennan' by J.C.Burke recently and it was great. My son also enjoyed it and as a very dear friend of ours has become badly injured from an accident, we could both really relate to parts of the novel, that dealt with the aftermath of a tragic accident. It was almost therapeutic we both felt to read it and discuss it afterwards. The author has captured the numbness well. It is a frightening tale, yet I highly recommend it and feel it was well researched and written.

18 October 2006

Sculptures at Botanical Garden, Ballarat

When I was at Ballarat on the weekend we visited the Botanical Gardens and I got lots of little clips of the sculptures and statues there. I was really saddened by the ones that had to be housed in the greenhouse building and had been vandalised. I don't understand why people would destroy public property that is so beautiful and a gift for everyone. This photo may need to be enlarged to read the history of the statues. I will be adding to the revver collection of Ballarat Sculptures so if you are interested check back.

Free Hugs by Patti Digh

37 Days, one of my favourite blogs, has an article on 'Free Hugs', it is a must read. Unless of course you saw it already on '60 Minutes' on Sunday night in Australia. It is a beautiful clip and it is easier to direct you to Patti's site than to search for it myself.
I'm tired tonight. Maybe I need a hug.

17 October 2006

Ballarat Wedding

I spent the weekend in Ballarat. My brother was married on Friday there and we spent the weekend, since we were there. It was a great family occasion. I feel pretty blessed by my large extended family. I was chatting to my cousin and a brother at one stage of the night and we all agreed we were pretty lucky in the family department. Our family gets together and has a good time. The wedding was very beautiful and I was proud of my brother and his wife and the way they expressed their committment to each other with such love and pleasure.
I haven't been to Ballarat for a long time. In fact I think it was an excursion when I was doing my HSC (contemporary VCE or Year 12). I don't remember much about my previous visits and I enjoyed seeing Ballarat now. It had a spacious and gracious feel to it. The old houses are distinctive and individual and the streets are wide.
We enjoyed the place we stayed at and visited the Botanical Gardens on the Sunday before heading home. I will put some video's up on revver. I took mainly videos of the sculptures in the park.

12 October 2006

Epic 2014

If you are interested in the future of media and or the history of the Internet, this little 8 minute clip Epic 2014, is a very interesting and thought provoking watch. I have always loved the 'future history'genre although I find it difficult to find material.

I remember in the late 80's I had this book called 'The Third Millennium:A History of the World:AD 2000-3000' by Brian Stableford and David Langford. I loved it and read it cover to cover. It inspired many ideas for me and some of the future I eagerly awaited, just as I did for the Internet to get how I knew it would. I remember being on Compuserve which was all American almost and I felt like a lone Aussie, plodding along looking for the diversity of a global community. Not that I didn't like learning about America and americans, but I knew one day it would be like it is now.

This little clip however has a much smaller scale than the Millennium of the book, but still food for thought and interesting.

10 October 2006

Families feature in Latest YA reads

I finished reading Chasing Charlie Duskinby Cath Crowley last night. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I like her voice. It is real. She captures the anguish of teenagers well and their realities and realisations, without making it too 'adult'. It was also about grief and the loss of a parent as with Will by Maria Boyd. I loved her Gracie Faltrain character and recommend The Life and Times of Gracie Faltrain. Cath Crowley went to our school so I am always recommending her books to our kids. They are highly recommended by the students.

Lost Property by James Moloney
was another book that was an honour book for the Childrens Book Council awards and it was great. My son (16)has also read it and he loved it too. James Moloney is getting better and better. I still love teaching 'A Bridge to Wisemans Cove' to my year 8's. I think Lost Property is definately as was 'No Worries' for older readers.
The thing I loved most about these two books is that they showed how important families are to young people. So often I hear that teenagers are only interested in their friends and that their families are no longer important to them. I know my own children spend a lot less time at home now they have become 'teenagers', but young people really value their families. I think that is the biggest lesson I have learnt or realisation I have had becoming a teacher.

09 October 2006

Shoelaces & shoes

I found this great site : Ian's Shoelaces Site yesterday. I am lazy and stick to the over under lacing but as you can see if you go to this site, there are plenty of amazing combinations, 31 in fact.
I went shopping for shoes tonight. I have bought a new outfit for my brothers wedding and now I want new shoes to match. It's always the way with me with clothes. I don't really look at them or think about them for ages and then I have a big shop and I want lots of stuff. So I am currently looking at shoes and clothes. I have fallen in love with a new shop in Traralgon called Blue Illusion. They haven't got their website up yet, but when they do I'll let you know. It's gorgeous and sells clothes as well as accessories and decor items. I love it. It is definately my taste.

08 October 2006

More random Chinese discoveries

This wonderful website has amazing photo's of other parts of the great wall. Just had to add it for those interested as I am.


I am really interested in China and all things chinese. I have just created a revver collection of video from China and have looked through lots of videos. Some of them are not to my taste, but I love the clips of the countryside and that show China as a place. I would love to walk that Great Wall one day. It is definately on my wish list too.
We are currently covering Imperial China in history with my year 7s and on Friday we were discussing foot binding. I felt so emotional about it. I had a past life 'recollection' once that involved foot binding so I guess that has made it more real for me.
I like to keep up with the articles on Newsvine about China also.

04 October 2006

Monthly Stars for October

Yes, I love astrology. I particularly like this months Michael Lutin horoscope as it accurately reflects how I have been for a while now. It was kind of affirming to see it in writing. Check out the funny photos on the weekly stars whilst you are there. My sign, Sagittarius is particularly appropriate I think.
I think I noticed some angelic intervention at work today. It was interesting that we had this whole 'Angel' thing at the start, cynical as I am at times about the whole religion thing, there were many people today mentioning how things had worked out really well despite being totally mucked up. Ironic and seemingly angelic to me at the time.

02 October 2006

Term 4, 2006 Kicks Off

I returned to school/work today. We had a lovely reflection centered around angels to begin our term today. That great movie, "Dogma", came to mind;-). It's funny really and probably not that appropriate, but when I am sitting in that space, it is the time I most identify as being a student myself. I was such a rebellious one when I sat in that space as a student. I wonder if the energy lingers and lures me into being that again. Perhaps I should avoid that back row. That is definately the spot where it happens.
It is my favourite term because it is warmer and easier to get up. The holidays I am looking forward to are going to be longer. We have all our lovely completion rituals and there are no parent-teacher interviews after these reports we will write.
There are lots of interuptions and fun things going on.
I have two year nine camps to go on this term and I love the year 9 camps. I love going to the high country and riding horses and living simply and getting to know others better. It is a very enjoyable way to work.

01 October 2006

Port Albert

We returned today from Port Albert. It was a beautiful break for a week. The place we stayed in had a great view of the prom. We experienced a range of weather. The first afternoon we arrived it was blowing a gale and cold. Other days were clear and sunny.
I had been warned about sand flies, by my grandpa yet didn't experience them. He has been bitten badly by them at Port Albert and says nothing would make him go back there.
There was a bottle of oil containing lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus oil and a sign saying the sand flies were known to be around from October to March, we left today and they hadn't appeared yet.
I saw lots of beautiful birds and got some videos, which I will put on my revver site no doubt.
Port Albert is only an hour away and I haven't been there since I was a kid. I remember going with my best friend Jane's family for a BBQ one Sunday afternoon.
The port has undergone some development since then. It was a little fishing village and popular with fishermen mainly when I was growing up. I think that is still the main attraction there, but the waterfront property real estate development has also moved in and toned it up a bit.
I have to clean up and continue unpacking now. The downside of taking a trip.

24 September 2006

Upcoming Anniversary with Creamaid

Confusing title I suppose. I am in a hurry, still packing for holidays. I also quit smoking on Friday so I am feeling quite vague and very different. I have smoked for a long time and it is quite a challenge to stop. I am quite determined though and whilst I have tried many times before I feel armed with all the info I need to do it this time.
I will have been blogging for one year on 29th. I will be away though, so thought I would recognise it now. I have enjoyed it and I have written quite a number of posts in that time. This will be number 187!
I love cream and so when I noticed this social networking, word of mouth networking program called creamaid, I had to try it. I am not sure what it is about yet, but have put embed in and will check it out further when I return from my weekend away and can read, write and hopefully comprehend.
It's kind of fitting for me to be putting something I only vaguely understand on my blog to celebrate a year of doing just that.

23 September 2006


Tomorrow we head off for a week of being away. I look forward to being away from home and the Internet and the phone and the familiar for a week each term. I have a pile of books to read and my laptop is crammed with projects that I want to play with. I know from previous experience how rewarding it is to my work and my health to have these breaks. I have a new camera to play with, so I will no doubt have photo's and stories and clips to last me a term.

21 September 2006

Camille lyrics

I love that song "Ta Douleur" and have been listening to it quite a bit. It occured to me the lyrics may not be great and not understanding French, my curiosity got the better of me. So of course I found the lyrics and went to babel fish. The translation was funny. Do it for a laugh.

[I know you're suffering, but trust me, I'm gonna take away your pain.]

The translation is funny. I get the gist of it though and it's ok.

20 September 2006

Investments in Learning

My daughter, very conscientious human that she is, signed up to do some extra study during the holidays to prepare herself for her VCE exams that are coming up. She applied to a well known University about 150kms away. She woke early on Monday morning and caught the train, only to get a phonecall on her mobile about an hour before the course was due to start, to say they had overbooked and they didn't have a spot for her. She had arranged accomodation for herself for the three days in the city and was well organised. The uni have debited the money for this course from the Visa card and although it is three days later, no refund has appeared. She was quite devastated.
I was altogether unsurprised and others I have discussed this with have expressed a similar belief that universities in general are not the best at customer service. As courses become more expensive I find myself wondering if it is all worth it.
Interestingly I read this today:What's the ROI on an MBA When You're in the SEO Industry?. I hope people begin to question more, what is the return on the investment.
I have attended uni, tafe, adult education and lots of privately ran courses. I am a bit of a course addict actually, or at least I was until I started blogging:-). I honestly found my uni course to be the least quality or ROI. I guess that peice of paper one needs for many professions, that is only available at a uni, is the edge they have. As far the actual learning though or the growth gained, uni's didn't rate for me.
I guess I am just always cranky when people are not treated with respect.

19 September 2006

Latest YA Reading #2

Have just completed a couple of books quite quickly really. My son recommended to me Will by Maria Boyd. He loved it and I can see why. It was funny, current and dealt with grief. He (my son) quoted from it at a family dinner discussion when he felt I was stereotyping. I love it when he does that kind of thing. Makes me feel he is literate:-). I enjoyed it too.
The other book was Helicopter Man by Elizabeth Fensham, which won the Children's Book Council of Australia award this year for younger readers. It had a similar theme as No Worries in some ways. I won't go into it and spoil it for would be readers, but it too was enjoyable.

16 September 2006


I heard this artist on triple J so many times on my way to work and it has taken incredible effort to track down the name. I can't find much online about her but I discovered this clip on YouTube

Enjoy, I hadn't seen the clip, I quite like the naked knitting theme in the video. There is another cool clip of the song but can't put it here, so if you're interested click here. It's playful and I really like it.

12 September 2006

Terracotta Warriors

I would love to go and see this place. I think this is amazing and Chinese history is one of the things I love learning more about.

10 September 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore is in Australia. This is the trailer of the film referred to in the latest newsvine feed:

Eyespot's fun

Had coffee with Asha yesterday and the best lemon meringue pie in Traralgon from PJ's. Asha had a white hot chocolate. I am glad we went there, haven't been there for ages and it was divine! The sculpture they have in there next to the comfy couch we sat on is in my little clip I am sharing with you.
Tom went off on his trip to QLD with his dad. I miss him already!
Yesterday I played around with Eyespot. It was great fun. I made this little clip:

I like it!

I watched a couple of movies. Nothing worth mentioning, purely entertaining and forgettable, action and adventure.
I am reading a Gary Crew book at present, an older one called "No Such Country". It has archeology in it so I love it. It's also a bit scary and because it's a kid's book, I'm hoping I'll cope with that. I am teaching history to the 7s and 8s this term so I am all passionate about archeology and history. I'm gathering a pile of great books for the holidays and I can see it in sight so I'm feeling good about that.

03 September 2006


I finished Once last night. It is a beautiful story and reminds me of the lovely Italian film 'Life is Beautiful'. A bittersweet reminder that even in the most cruel circumstances, our perception of our experience is what defines us. We enrich others by sharing a positive view of the world, encouraging them to see a more magical and loving reality.

01 September 2006


Ella passed away this week. The emptiness is vast. I hurt for Andy's massive loss also. He has loved her and had her as a constant companion for 11 years. I have never been privelaged to see such a close bond. She was a blessed part of our lives and her beauty and grace will continue to be missed for a long time.

29 August 2006

Listen Up!

Tonight I have discovered a new website that has downloadable audio files of audio books. Librivox:

LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain and release the audio files back onto the net (via podcast and catalog). Our goal is to make all public domain books available as free audio books. We are a totally volunteer, open source, free content, public domain project.
The Internet is really making life interesting. Pandora is another great listening site that customises radio stations to your taste musically. I have actually discovered some new artists that I like on Pandora. You enter the artist you enjoy and it selects other similar artists as well as your favourite and plays a range of music.

27 August 2006

How TV Effects Your Kids

Yesterday I watched a great movie called Thumbsuckers. It contained a great line that has really made me think "Television is a Trojan Horse in our Homes" (Thumbsuckers). I don't watch much TV anymore. In fact I reckon I would watch less than 2 hours a week. I don't find any value in it. In fact I find it annoying. I get news online now and I like that I can read lots of views from around the world.
This link is to an article that highlights some of the negatives of tv watching by kids. In talking to students many have tv's in their bedrooms. Some houses I know have 3+ TVs in them. Trojan horses?

26 August 2006

Museum Trip

I went to the museum on Tuesday, as I said a couple of posts ago. Here is my favourite couple of pictures. I love the red flying horse. I think it is a symbol for a petrol company or something, but it is too beautiful to be that. I think my Uncle Jack used to have a petrol station with the flying horse symbol too, so that could be another reason why I have such a fond feeling about it.

There was also this cute model 'Mr Whippy'. How real does this photo look though? But I swear the model is quite small.

I also loved the Windmills

Tulips Make Appearance

Andy bought me some tulip bulbs. I am enjoying watching them appear. Each day I go to the place he planted them and watch as one by one they peak out of the ground. It has been the best gift of flowers I have received. There are now six little budding tulips to observe.

22 August 2006

Trips to Melbourne

I haven't posted for nearly a week. It's been a busy six days since my last post. We had to rush to Melbourne last Thursday for a last minute health issue. All is well now though, so that is good. Today I went on the museum trip to the city with the school. I went to IMAX for the first time! It was a HUGE screen. I will put some photo's up of the trip later when I am not so tired and can find my camera.

Whilst waiting we visited Dandenong and I must recommend to anyone who can access it, the Op shop in the main street that sells books only. It is towards the end of the strip heading for Melbourne. It gets books from the surrounding libraries and there were heaps of books in great condition, very cheaply priced. I could have spent more time there. There was also a great Lebanese bakery that had a great feel and yummy food in the same stretch of shops though more toward the Gippsland end of Dandenong.

If you regularly read my blog, you will notice a new look and tags. I would love to go back and tag all my previous posts but think it may be too time consuming. It would be interesting just to see what I mainly write about! I will possibly play around with it more. Blogger has introduced more options, so naturally I can't resist.

Today I left my book at home by mistake, but whilst going through my back pack found another book and read it all today. It was No Worries by Bill Condon. I enjoyed it. It was quite insightful and I was moved by the plight of the young male protagonist. It was an honour book for the Childrens Book Council Australia, book of the year awards for older readers.

16 August 2006

Mothering & Home

I am reading a book at the moment called Unless by Carol Shields. It is about a mother who is quite successful and has all that we hope for, loving family, beautiful home, satisfying career etc. Her eldest daughter suddnely withdraws from the world, abandoning university to sit on a street corner, wearing a sign that reads only 'goodness'. What a frightening reality for a mother. I haven't finished the book yet, but the concept of it haunts me.
I remember when I went on holidays once I met an older woman and we were discussing our daughters. Hers was older than mine, but had pursued similar things, and then unexpectedly dropped out. She had got caught up with a shady boyfriend and turned her future plans on their head. Her mother was shattered and I was scared. I remember having nightmares all summer that my daughter would have some catastrophic thing that would 'ruin' her future.
I began to reflect on my own pathway through to adulthood, (I think I arrived a couple of years ago, despite getting grey hairs and wrinkles so young). I realised my parents were probably pretty concerned about some of the routes I'd taken.
I'm proud and pleased with my daughter and I expect she will take some interesting paths and I, like my parents did for me and other mothers all over the planet will still love her and hope for the best for her. When people tell me how amazing and wonderful she is I feel proud and grateful to the powers that be. I was discussing this with a work colleague last week and we agreed, his daughters are much older too, that you never feel you can relax, that the mission is accomplished.
Getting back to the book, there is this great quote about homes in it and I like it.

"Our house if full of rough corners that seem to me just about to come into their full beauty. I often think of how Vicnete Verdu, the Spanish writer, spoke of houses as existing between reality and desire, what we want and what we already have. Probably this old house is not as lovely as I believe. My eyes are curtained over. I used to be able to see the separate rooms with their colours and spaces, but now I can't. I've overvalued its woody, whorled coves and harbours, convincing myself of an architectural spaciousness and, at the same time, coziness.." (p57)
I love it and I identify with those sentiments. She goes on to say she should have employed a decorator a long time ago. I have been a decorator, so have even less excuse for the tangle of styles and half completed schemes in my home, yet it is my home and there are corners of it that I find harmony and promise of visions to be realised.

14 August 2006

Beautiful Willow

I walked down by the river yesterday. I love these willowy trees. I also took some film of an amazing flowering camillia.

It had two different pink coloured flowers. One was the lighter pink and the other a darker pink. It was so tall also.

I haven't been for a walk for ages. I really enjoy the late afternoon walks but only manage them on weekends. After school I am always too tired. I need to walk before school on weekdays.

I had full intentions of doing that, this morning but Ella is sick with a cough and I worried and listened to her coughing most of the night, so couldn't get up this morning, despite my plans.

13 August 2006

Magnificent Weather

Today is sunny again. I love this weekends weather. I have been getting my home into order and clearing some of the paper mounds and clothes mountains that have accumulated during the week. This crisp sunny weather just doesn't tolerate clutter and disorder and I feel a lot of energy to clean up.

12 August 2006

Yesterday's Journey

I caught the train from Pakenham to the city yesterday. The course I had to attend was across the road from Flinders Street station, so it was too easy. I really enjoyed the time out and completed the novel I have been reading every night for weeks. I got some clips that I will put on revver. I observed a lot of people. Just the perfect past-time.
The learning was affirming. I picked up a couple of new things but mostly felt that we have made good progress toward implementing the changes to curriculum and many of my gut instincts about it were confirmed.
More later...

09 August 2006

Happening in my Head NOW

It was warm this morning. I am not sure how warm, maybe it just felt warm because my car was not iced up. I felt spring and I noticed it took more than usual to ruffle my feathers.
I am doing this year level co-ordinator job this term and whilst it is as time consuming, it isn't as frustrating as the curriculum leadership position was. I have more patience with young people I guess, than for my fellow staff members.
I have been reading this blog called
G-Town talks, it is written by a principal of a school and she talks in her recent posts about good teachers and weak teachers. I hear what she is saying. I find thinking about it all very frustrating.
Tonight there is a full moon. I read all about it in Mystic Medusa's email. She says it is a good time to pay attention to your dreams.
I put my 100th clip on Revver tonight. I like sharing my little glimpses of the world.
I think it is my hobby. I want to learn more about making videos and animations. It's fun.

08 August 2006

Dave’s State of the Blogosphere

Dave’s State of the Blogosphere
I find this article on "Darren Rowse: Problogger", quite staggering. 2 blogs created per second. It seems humans have a lot to say out loud.
I guess with the amount of posting online, it also makes it seem quite amazing to find a random blog you like reading. I feel like it is still quite anonymous due to the vast amount of voices out there. The chances of other people finding your blog and reading it seem less than the chance of someone overhearing you telling your secrets to your best friend.
I still can't quite feel free enough to tell anything online that I wouldn't want the world to know. I notice that the teenagers I work with don't seem to have any such reservations on their 'myspaces'.

sunset birdsong

If you think your neighbours are noisy, listen to this....

07 August 2006

Auntie Angela

An amazing coincidence today, the very same person I was referring to in my last post, came to visit. I looked up my planner and her name was there. I remembered I was intending to take my daughter to Echuca to visit Angela this mid-term break but had forgotten about it.Joh Blogs: Camping on the banks of the Murray
We were obviously in one another's orbits!

Gado Gado

When I was a kid, I would have wonderful holidays with my Auntie Angela and Uncle Jack in Drouin East. They had 9 kids, although probably less for most of my memories as I was the same age as their eldest child. They were my godparents and were the epitome of godparents as I adored them and loved being in their company.
Uncle Jack was Dutch and had spent his childhood in Indonesia during the war and Angela had lots of exotic (to us) foods as a result of these influences.
I have a memory of a special meal we had of Gado Gado with Kerupuk or (crook cooks) as we called them. The large table was laden with this delicious food and we sat around the deep fryer counting as the hard colorful peices rose out into crunchy prawn crackers, as I know them now.
Last night for the first time, I made Gado Gado. We had a special visitor coming who was vegetarian, and Andy spent a lot of time in Indonesia when he was younger, so I felt it was appropriate. It was great and brought back wonderful memories for me also. I was quite relieved that he recognised it as I put it together mostly from memory.
I was amazed that I remembered and recognised all the ingredients when I went to the supermarket to find the parts. As it drew closer to putting it together I remembered the Internet and looked up the recipe and verified my memory. I was quite pleased by the whole experience.
I didn't use potato and substituted snow peas for beans but it was very yummy. For desert I resorted to nana's Jam Roly Poly, which I will save for another day.

05 August 2006

37days: Be the camera

37days: Be the camera I really love her writing and can't insist enough that you read 37 Days.

The Weather Man

I watched this film last night and it was painful in parts. Not that it was painfully made or poor quality type painful, but difficult to watch the awkward struggles of the main character and the dissappointment of his father. I couldn't stop watching it though. I hoped for the magical happy ending. I felt the ending was honest and the film left an impression. I recommend it. I liked it even though it wasn't enjoyable most of the time. It is not a feel good movie, but a feel movie.

04 August 2006

ThoughtAudio.com - an audio book publisher providing free audio book downloads and podcasts of philosophy and classic literature titles.

If you enjoy listenting to books read to you, download these to your MP3 player. I love audio books. You can listent to them before you go to sleep, in bed and don't get cold hands from having them poking out from under the covers.
ThoughtAudio.com - an audio book publisher providing free audio book downloads and podcasts of philosophy and classic literature titles.

My how Fiat's have Changed

The first car I bought for myself was a red Fiat 850
much against my father's wishes. From the moment we entered the car yard he tried to steer me away from the 'red sports car' as pictured above. It was a bargain I thought. He totally disagreed. I'm sad to say he was totally right about everything. The car was a huge expense and whilst I have fond memories of it, it really was not an ideal choice for me.

02 August 2006


I am reading another book by Joanne Harris "Five Quarters of the Orange". I loved "Chocolat". The book was sensational as well as the film. The current read is terrific also. I find her books talk about food in a very delicious way. They inspire me to be mindful about cooking. Does it have this effect on anyone else?
Speaking about mindfulness about food, in Victoria there is 'Australia's largest slow food festival' happening at the end of this month. 'A Taste of Slow' , doesn't it sound amazing. What could be better?
Joanne Harris's website lists 11 books she has written. I am not sure why I haven't devoured them all yet, but I certainly intend to. Make sure you read the about the author link for a smile.

31 July 2006

Creative Generalist: How to be an Expert on Everything

This post onCreative Generalist makes me laugh. Now I know what I am doing wrong. I want to be a generalist anyway.

Driven by Daughter

Yes, she has her L's and look at what a great driver she is. Ok, so she's been practising for over a year. We drove to Melbourne yesterday. It was a long drive and she did an amazing job. I would say I tried to stay calm, but that would imply there was something to stress about and there really wasn't. It was a pleasure.

29 July 2006


I received an amazing complement today. My masseur told me she thought I was a very patient person. She was surprised because I was having difficulty with a meridian that related to lack of patience. I knew it was true, but she was surprised. She used to work with me and found me to be a really patient person.
I am delighted that I have learnt to hide my impatience so well. I am amused that my body has given away the truth.
My massage was terrific though and I am feeling quite at ease in my body.
Perhaps I have become patient....
Anyway, that word keeps cropping up tonight. I'm seeing it everywhere, yet have no clue why.
In the spirit of it here are some quotes about patience, that are helping me to think it through.

A particularly good : 07-28-06 the show with zefrank

Yes I am a fan of zefrank. He makes me laugh and I enjoyed this latest installment enough to want to share it.

28 July 2006

Forgetfulness. Amazing Animated Poetry. Billy Collins Animated Poem.

Haunting, almost frighteningly accurate poem.

Eyelash Moon

Last night the moon was like a little glowing eyelash. It is like a blink of a moon. I had made my new moon goals so I could wink back. I hate it when I see that little slither of moon and I have not made the time to set the goal for the moon. I feel like I am too late by such a small slip of time. Last night I could simply enjoy it.

26 July 2006

37days: Change yardsticks

37days: Change yardsticks
I feel like I want to be a Buddhist when I read this recent post from the fabulous Patti Digh's blog, 37 Days. Here is a little extract:
E.M. Schumacher has written about "Buddhist Economics": "While the materialist is mainly interested in goods, the Buddhist is mainly interested in liberation...It is not wealth that stands in the way of liberation, but the attachment to wealth; not the enjoyment of pleasurable things, but the craving for them."

The modern economist, Schumacher continues, "is used to measuring the 'standard of living' by the amount of annual consumption, assuming...that a man who consumes more is 'better off' than a man who consumes less. A Buddhist economist would consider this approach excessively irrational: since consumption is merely a means to human well-being, the aim should be to obtain the maximum of well-being with the minimum of consumption."

She is an amazing writer. Read this post and don't forget to read the challenge at the end, that's always my favourite bit. I'm off to see how interesting I look!

Gathering of shells

25 July 2006

God's in the Laundry

About 10 years ago there was a book around called 'God's in the Laundry'. It was published by a group called 'Spirit Today'. I did a weekend course with these people. It was an interesting experience. I never read the book, but the title has haunted me. Every time I need to spend prolonged time in the laundry, the title pops into my head.
I don't often spend a prolonged time in my laundry. I generally have a smooth system of processing laundry that flows along quite nicely. One of us puts a load on before work, hang it out after school, someone brings it in, we fold it and each take our piles to our respective spaces. It's all very fleeting really.
Occasionally though, the system stumbles and the laundry becomes choked. That's how it was this morning. I noticed several piles and baskets in various stages of the process and the clothes on the line were wet from overnight rain. I realised I needed to spend some time with God in the laundry.
Order is in process, not quite complete yet, but I feel better.
So I share with you the mundane workings of my home making and mind.

23 July 2006

Fleeting Weekend

The sun has been out and it has all been too leisurely. The weekend has passed me by and I have not managed to do all my usual routines, but I can't think for a minute why not. It has just passed. I haven't overslept, or cooked, or blogged a lot. I am really baffled as to where it has gone.

22 July 2006

Anyone out there?

This video is cool I reckon, one of those perspective things.

Five Years In One Job

I just realised this morning I have been a teacher for five years this July. I am not beginning anymore. This is the longest time I have been in a job. I have had a couple of different roles in the five years to make the challenges vary, but essentially it has been one job.
I love teaching though because there is always change and variety as well as different kinds of challenges. There is freedom for creativity and problem solving, which are essentials to me in the work I like to do. I would have to say that the thing that I feel has always been important in every job I have had and is crucial in teaching is being able to build positive relationships and interact with others.
There has been changes in staff, but I have had relationships with other teachers for that time also. It feels like a family really and a large one! You learn how to work with one another and can rely on the strengths of them as well as learn tolerance for the weaknesses.
I am glad I took this path. It hasn't always been easy, but has usually been enjoyable and rewarding.

20 July 2006

Stuck In Snow

In keeping with our winter theme. This is quite funny. Today could have been a day like this little clip illustrates. I have been meditating upon waking this week and I have observed myself being a lot calmer than usual. I like it!

19 July 2006

Whippet reflections

She still has a cold. I wonder if it was from skipping through these puddles during the holidays. Watch out for the amazing reflection at the end. Andy is responsible for this clip.

17 July 2006

Kate Bush on YouTube

I have finally checked out YouTube. I have been avoiding it because of my obsession with Revver and I just didn't want to get hooked into something else. I have really enjoyed watching these Kate Bush clips tonight. Rocket Man is great with a bit of history. They are all from clips from TV as far as I can tell. I have been listening to "Like a Version 2" and the soundtrack from "I am Sam", lately. There is something I like about hearing another version and interpretation of a song and lyrics.
Enjoyed this one too, one of my favourites Moments of Pleasure. The lyrics are amazing and she just delivers it magically, I reckon. I am such a fan! I am going to be back to check out more another time. This one with Peter Gabriel, 'Don't Give Up' is another good one.

15 July 2006

Podcasts and Theatre of the Mind

I listened to podcasts from Theatre of the Mind this week whilst I was walking. There are plenty on that site and they are quite interesting but contain a bit of promotion of their products, which are meditation CD's. There are also articles on these things on that website/blog. The woman behind the business also mentioned Joseph Chiltern Pearce who wrote one of my favourite books "Magical Child"
I have used these types of audio meditation and found them to be very good at improving my clarity and well being. It reminded me how effective they are and I am intending to find a timeslot in my day to include 30 minutes of it again. I am also going to find a space in my home to use exclusively for meditation.
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14 July 2006

Media changes 'alarmingly protectionist'. 14/07/2006. ABC News Online

Media changes 'alarmingly protectionist'. 14/07/2006. ABC News Online

In answer to the first question about the media changes. This story in The Age: Meet the always-on generation, could explain why the media changes mentioned above are probably irrelevant.

GENI - Global Energy Network Institute - International Electricity Transmission - Renewable Energy Resource Interconnections - Sta

Introductory Page - GENI - Global Energy Network Institute - International Electricity Transmission - Renewable Energy Resource Interconnections - Stable Sustainable Development Solutions

This is the GENI I was wondering about last night. So in answer to my question that I was most curious about, yes they do still exist and it seems they are still plugging away at the Global Enerery Network. Phew!


I have noticed that to be popular can have a real negative conotation. Students often say to me "They are popular", like it means they have some flaw in their character. It seems to me that tall poppy syndrome is alive and well when I hear that. I have observed popular people and found that these people in most cases have a genuine love of other people that allows them to make and keep good relationships with others.
There seems to be an underlying opinion that if something is popular it is rubbish. If something pleases most or many of the people, it must be unworthy. Perhaps politicians and those who seek popularity have created this image. Many people who are popular though do not seek popularity as such but find it as a precessional effect of their ability to be of service to others.
A popular decision can sometimes be difficult to find - but when dealing with others, isn't it best to try to find a solution that pleases the greatest number of people.

13 July 2006

Traffic at night Time Lapse, Bristol

I'm loving this timelapse photography. It reminds me of that beautiful film 'Baraka'.


What will the new media laws mean for us? I just heard them mention them on the news. I got my update from the Buckminster Fuller Institute and they referred to an article about the UN saying something inspiring this question:Is it possible to power the world with solar power from the sahara desert?
Which makes me wonder:Whatever happened to GENI? I really want to know what progress has been made and whether this is possible. I should check it out. but....
These questions and others remain unanswered tonight, because I feel really very tired and am going to blob in front of the TV, then head to bed early with my book. I am enjoying my week though and not sure why I feel so tired. Never mind, go with the flow, even to bed...

11 July 2006

Full Moon Wonderings

Ella has a cold. She is our beautiful whippet and last night she was coughing. I am not very experienced with dog illnesses so I was really concerned. I thought she had something really wrong. I wondered if family leave included pets. In the middle of the night I decided probably not and thought how unfair that is.

10 July 2006

Personal Growth, Personal Independence: The Limit Is Me - Robin Good's Latest News

Personal Growth, Personal Independence: The Limit Is Me - Robin Good's Latest News

This little story is awesome. Take it on.

I actually LOVE Podcasts

Checking myself out as I admit I do from time to time I found this site: Opinmind linking to my blog about podcasts. They have a thumbs down above my column. This could mean my post doesn't rate with them, but I think (in order to keep my ego in tact), they are putting my post in with the people who don't like podcasts. It is obviously a robot that dug my little obscure post up, because if a human had read my post, I would be in the thumbs up column. Which is where I would rather be by the way!!