24 June 2006


We are off on our holiday tomorrow. So today is about packing up everything to go. We were meant to go yesterday but I spent the day trying to work out the power problem with my home.
We apparently have a shortage of electricians so I was unable to get one yesterday. It was probably a good thing though because I don't charge as much as they do and I was eventually able to work out the problem and fix it by removing a lightglobe and not using any power in that room. Today I might experiment more with using other appliances in that room so I can ensure it is the particular thing I thought it was. At least I saved myself another bill. It was a waste of a day though and quite stressful.
I had imagined all kinds of scenarios involving needing to get the house rewired and felt quite distressed about it all in the end.
Anyway, now I guess I will get back to my lists of what to take away. We are going to Loch Sport. I don't remember ever having gone there before. I am looking forward to getting away. I still have a slight cold, but am feeling better every day now. I need to change my habits back to healthier ones.
I haven't been exercising at all lately or any other healthy things!

22 June 2006

The Abbey

Today I spent the afternoon with my good friend Jane. One of the things we discussed, was entering the ABC reality show things called 'The Abbey'. It seemed like a good idea. When I got home tonight and checked Mystic Medusa's blog for a bit of insight into why my electricity is failing me, she had mentioned it so I saw it as a sign and emailed the application to Jane.
Jane bought me another one of those delicious mouse things that I have previously photographed and put on this blog, so will resist doing so again. I wanted to enjoy it with a coffee, but the electric kettle and electric stove are holding me back from this right now.
NOT FAIR! is about all I can manage because I have the flu. STILL!!
I am not sure why my power is failing me, but I can say that I am tired and cranky and I want to make myself a coffee but it seems the only thing I can turn on in the house right now, without taking out the entire home's power is my laptop and fluorescent light. This is a sign I think for me to retire to bed and worry about it in the morning.

19 June 2006

Quiz Galaxy

Quiz Galaxy

Johanne --


A master of storytelling

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Compliments of my daughter, who sent me there. I am pleased with the results. I like stories. Ok so I exagerate. My fairy godmother taught me to 'never let the truth get in the way of a good story'. I trust her taste.

17 June 2006

Psst! Wanna make $500? Just give us the right name - National - theage.com.au

Psst! Wanna make $500? Just give us the right name - National - theage.com.au

This article in the paper today reminded me that a request for 'someone you know' who is qualified, went out at our work this week. I think this could make great sense actually. You would think very carefully about recommending someone you know to work at 'your' work. After all, you would have to see them everyday so you would be reminded on a daily basis that it was your idea they work there.
It makes you realise the value of friendships and networks too, if you were seeking work.
I guess this is also another sign that in the future workplaces will need to work at attracting people.

16 June 2006

Achey, tired and crumbly

Thirteen week terms - how did they ever do this back in the day. I feel so exhausted I could crumble. Last night we had parent teacher interviews. They weren't late, but when I got home I just went to bed. I was cold and it felt the cold was coming from the inside.

15 June 2006

I am Me by Virginia Satir

Today I am going to share 'I am Me' with some students because last night I dreamt about it. I remembered when I was at the Neighbourhood house and I put the poem up on the toilet wall and so many people commented to me that it made them feel good. I had forgot about it. I have been wondering how to improve some students self esteem. Last night I dreamt about that peice of writing and today I am going to act on that message and share it with them.
I am tired. There are only two days of school to go. We have parent teacher interviews tonight and a big school assembley today. My daughter is going to be assisting to run the school assembley so I am nervous for her and I hope it all goes well. She has high standards and expectations, which are admirable. I am looking forward to it and hoping for her that she is pleased with her results.
Last night we went out for dinner. I haven't been out for dinner for a long time and the food was divine. We went to Neilsons in Traralgon and it was the most enjoyable meal out. The company was great too. Women I work with and see every day, yet we are always in a rush, so it was lovely to share leisurely and relaxed time with them.
On to the day!

13 June 2006

Firelighters and shortcuts

Tonight I have spent so much time trying to light a fire because I wanted to do it in a hurry. I didn't get the things that I needed because I didn't have time to go back out to the shed to get some smaller peices of wood. I didn't have firelighters because I keep forgetting them everytime I go to the supermarket. Hence, trying to save time has taken me forever and now from all the billowing and frantic blowing on the dying little embers I have managed to create I am no longer needing a fire because I am quite hot.

I know it is silly and you have my permission to laugh at me.


12 June 2006

The Open Classroom: Nearly the end of semester: reports and progress meetings

The Open Classroom: Nearly the end of semester: reports and progress meetings

What an amazing and great idea! I love the way education is heading in a direction that allows students to take responsibility for their own learning. It is so healthy. I will have to share this great idea with our curriculum team.


I have spent a bit of time this week looking at houses for sale. I like houses that are spacious and a bit different. There aren't too many around. I have always been willing to overlook many expensive problems for something in that category. Which is quite dangerous to my finances. It's lucky I have someone who is level headed with me this time.
A bit different, to me, is not paint colour or extreme laminex, but structual difference. I like homes that have been built to incorporate the environment outside or with designs that take into account views or weather. I like houses that are not the same as every other house in the streets. I like streets with individual houses and no twins in sight.
There are a lot of little houses with renovations done that are fabulous and others that are too extreme and appear out of character for the house. I am growing to prefer the beige that Stan our interior decorator when we were in 'Unique Furnishings' always recommended with a laugh. Reminds me of the 'beige joke' told at my wedding.

10 June 2006

Consider the Lobster

This is great and because I agree with much of the message, I have to share it with you.

Winter Naked Tree

If I think I am cold imagine how this poor tree must feel
It is so cold though. I don't feel motivated. The son's gland in his throat is so huge. I was listening to him breathe last night because I was scared the other side might get that big and there would be no channel for him to breathe through. He survived needless to say. I probably should take him to the doctors but he's already had penicillin twice this year and I don't think it is healthy. We've taken him about 4 times and had swabs and the blood tests for glandular fever. It is still happening though. I am going to make him rest and hopefully his body will find the resources to fight it once and for all.

09 June 2006

Bring on the long weekend

Sooo tired. Reports are done, a week to go before holidays. I am looking forward to my friends visiting from Freo and going for a week away with Andy. I have a cold, my son's glands are up again but he has been tested and he has't got glandular fever. My best friend from school has been away with that for over a month and I miss her a lot. Pa is struggling with his treatment. The sky is falling.
Experience tells me it will all pass.

06 June 2006

Home fires burning

The fire is on. I have a cold. It is annoying but almost predictable at this time of year. I have to review my habits because I haven't been doing my exercises every day, or having juice, or taking my vitamins. It is cold in the mornings and I am tired and lazy. I couldn't work today so I have spent the day in bed. Thinking a lot about the adjustments I need to make to stay healthy.

04 June 2006

Playtime - Not for girls!

This article follows from Germaine Greer's speech at Permira Leisureland, a panel debate on the future of the leisure industry in the UK.

When Andrew showed me all his toys, kayaks, camera's, motorbike and a variety of other novel objects whose purpose is generally leisure and amusement I had nothing to show in return. Half finished crafts for my half finished home, my home itself and my kids are how I spend my leisure time. If I think about leisure time I imagine myself filling it with sleep. I have also noticed that many women don't play silly games with pets and small children either. This is not a complaint but I think Germaine Greer has accurately described the state of my reality around play.
I especially love the line " Your house is clean enough. Come out and play" I think that feeling, of playing, having fun, involve food and laughter with others. These things can involve work though. Mmm, I want to find a toy and play with it...

03 June 2006

An Inconvient Truth - Watch this trailer - Important

I hope this film comes soon and makes a difference.

Fresh Start

I have started afresh with my blogging. I deleted the other three sites I have been playing with. This one wins. I don't need to scatter my energies into four directions. I have a separate blog for work. That is enough! I have been playing with different templates and things though so you can expect to see something new and creative and wonderful template-wise shortly.
Technology is cool and fun. I'm enjoying playing with it. I want to keep it all together now though and not scatter my energies. I have also had some learning experiences recently about reading the fine print online. I have made some mistakes. Correction time!