24 September 2006

Upcoming Anniversary with Creamaid

Confusing title I suppose. I am in a hurry, still packing for holidays. I also quit smoking on Friday so I am feeling quite vague and very different. I have smoked for a long time and it is quite a challenge to stop. I am quite determined though and whilst I have tried many times before I feel armed with all the info I need to do it this time.
I will have been blogging for one year on 29th. I will be away though, so thought I would recognise it now. I have enjoyed it and I have written quite a number of posts in that time. This will be number 187!
I love cream and so when I noticed this social networking, word of mouth networking program called creamaid, I had to try it. I am not sure what it is about yet, but have put embed in and will check it out further when I return from my weekend away and can read, write and hopefully comprehend.
It's kind of fitting for me to be putting something I only vaguely understand on my blog to celebrate a year of doing just that.

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