04 November 2006

For everything there is a Season

It's November already! I have been on camp at Tamboritha for the past three days and missed the start of the month. I took some videos whilst I was there which if you are interested, you can see here. Some of them are from the previous camp I went on last week. I'll probably post more later about camp.
Last night in my weary state, I realised I was three days of writing behind in the Nanowrimo writing frenzy I managed to complete last year. I attempted to start, because I have honestly been giving it some thought, but was really too tired to get much more than a thousand words out of myself. This morning I had a big think and decided, I can't do it. I have to let it go this year. I felt a bit of disappointment to be honest, as it felt great last year and I really enjoyed the challenge of it. I realised though, it is not the time of the year for me to be doing this.
Living in Australia, as I do, I have become annoyed with doing things at the wrong time of the year. If it were May and the days were getting shorter, I know I could nestle in to do some serious daily writing, but November is not realistic for me.
Last week, in my year 7 class, we discussed Halloween. Some of the kids are really into it and I can understand why. Some students said it is an American custom to trick or treat, and we shouldn't take it on here. I agree, but not because it is American or because it isn't a relevant thing to do. It is just not relevant in spring, as summer draws near, to be behaving like we are heading towards winter. We have just started daylight savings for goodness sake!
It is the same issue that I have with Nanowrimo. It's not the right season for me here. We should be celebrating spring, spending time outdoors, not holing up with our writing and not embracing darkness and symbolic death. It's all wrong. Perhaps I can start a Southern Hemisphere, May writing month! I'd have to come up with a better title!
I have been barely keeping up with writing blog posts lately. It's been a busy year I guess. I feel a restructuring of my life coming on, partnered with a major spring clean!

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