23 November 2006

Amanda Bloom - WoW

Last night I heard Amanda Bloom's 'Magdeline' on the radio. It is an amazing song. I loved it on first hearing. I remember the first time I heard Tori Amos and it was a similar experience. She is like Kate Bush. I love Kate Bush.
The lyrics of 'Magdeline' are moving and you can read all about them on her myspace blog.

She is a Sydney woman. Her voice is magic and I look forward to hearing more. I would buy a CD of hers today if I could. The Triple J radio announcer said last night she was classically trained. You can hear that discipline and excellence. I can't say enough. If you go to Triple J Unearthed, you can download Magdeline and listen for yourself. I am going to register today and vote.

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