21 December 2006

I predict.....

I want to participate in the ProBlogger Group Writing Project and the topic is 'Reviews and Predictions', so I am very excited about reading what other bloggers offer on this topic. I love predictions! I enjoy reading Darren Rowse's blog, I like his approach to writing and sharing and there are usually a couple of useful things to me each week even though I don't expect to be a 'problogger'.
My grand prediction for 2007 is that TED Talks will be worth tuning into. I just received their program for 2007 and I am delighted to see some of the upcoming talks.
The 9th of March for example boasts of Edward DeBono, Dan Goleman J.J. Abrams, Tracy Chapman and Isabel Allende. This is just one of the days. Icons. Geniuses. Mavericks. That just about covers it. There are some amazing visionary people on this list, too many to mention. I am looking forward to enjoying these talks next year.
On the topic of Isabel Allende, my kids bought me Ines of my Soul for my birthday and I am saving it for my holiday reading. I love her books! I enjoyed 'My Invented Country' this year and absolutely loved it. I enjoyed the whole concept that she had created this place and was able to recognise this. I also loved, as always with her writing, reading about Chile. It is definately on my list of places I want to go.
I predict Amanda Bloom will be in my CD collection in the future. I want more songs to listen to from her and I hope I will be able to add her CD to my Christmas list next year. In the meantime, listen to this podcast. There are some awesome Aussie women who are unsigned and very enjoyable. I have enjoyed this podcast.


Ashish Mohta said...

Good luck with ur plans.I hope you get what you want.

I also got entry in darrens project.

And i am feeding your blog.There wont be another chance to meet so many bloggers

Merry Christmas

tigerfish said...

Tedtalks is one of my favs. And you just reminded me that I've not tune in to them for quite some time now.

May the Force be with you, the Blo-gedi way