19 December 2006

Cloudbursting by Kate Bush

I wish Kate would bring her machine here and make some rain. Our town is drying up. All the people who cut their lawns really short, now have dead lawns. Ours still has a little green because we keep it long and leave the clippings on it, which I think helps to keep the grass alive.
It's less smoky here today though than yesterday. I got a clip of the smoke coming from the nearby hills, but am having some issues with Revver right now so I can't put it up. I will probably put it on Blip TV later tonight if I haven't sorted it out and post it here tomorrow or later.
This blog post Cloudbursting on the blog "Cool Looking Stuff" is a great compilation of clips associated with Kate Bush's great song from the 'Hounds of Love' album, Cloudbusting. There is an interview on the post that explains where she got her inspiration. I just love to learn about the inspiration behind the art. Whatever the art! It truly helps me to learn to draw from my own different sources when I am creating.

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