09 August 2006

Happening in my Head NOW

It was warm this morning. I am not sure how warm, maybe it just felt warm because my car was not iced up. I felt spring and I noticed it took more than usual to ruffle my feathers.
I am doing this year level co-ordinator job this term and whilst it is as time consuming, it isn't as frustrating as the curriculum leadership position was. I have more patience with young people I guess, than for my fellow staff members.
I have been reading this blog called
G-Town talks, it is written by a principal of a school and she talks in her recent posts about good teachers and weak teachers. I hear what she is saying. I find thinking about it all very frustrating.
Tonight there is a full moon. I read all about it in Mystic Medusa's email. She says it is a good time to pay attention to your dreams.
I put my 100th clip on Revver tonight. I like sharing my little glimpses of the world.
I think it is my hobby. I want to learn more about making videos and animations. It's fun.

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