30 November 2007

My Birthday Wish List For Sunday

I'm taking a break from my report writing to indulge my wishes for Sunday's big 42nd Birthday!! For my birthday this year, apart from world peace, I want these things in the year ahead.
Good health and love of my family and friends and to make the time to enjoy their company, especially my wonderful son, who will be completing the last year of school.
A home with less clutter and more laughter. I have lots of home projects planned and hope I can see them through. I want it easy to clean and rearrange as this is a favourite past time of mine.
To be more conscious, considerate and present with others. My family, my friends, co-workers, the wonderful students I get to teach would all benefit from this one as well as my own peace of mind.
To exercise daily, eat fresh, delicious, healthy food and drink plenty of water. To continue regular chiropractic and massage appointments because they bring ease to my life. To give massages with my newly learnt skill to my family and friends.
Good books to read, good films to watch, music to listen to and trips to new places. To take great photo's of the people and places I get to see. I want to learn how to use Flash this year. I want to write and make clips that give satisfaction and pleasure.
To give my best in all areas of my life.
To be grateful EVERY day and not just those occasions I remember.

That's plenty of wishes. This last year I've experienced lots of changes in my life. Some were very unwanted, yet out of my hands. I have achieved a few things I'm pleased with. I've learnt some great lessons and improved areas of my life as a result.
I'm not entirely looking forward to my birthday, as there will be a couple of precious people missing. I want to accept that graciously and enjoy the ones who have stayed.

28 November 2007

Busy Busy Times

Last night we had the Christmas concert in the park in the middle of town. It was great. I walked down, enjoyed the kids music making and walked home.

It's been frantic at work. My Digital Storytelling class are undertaking to make a short film for each homeroom to be shown to the whole school next week and as these things always happen, at the last minute, there are still some that aren't complete yet. I am rushing around to get that organised in lunchtimes and feeling very flustered about it.

I still haven't started my report writing yet, but am making a lot of progress with my marking, in snatches here and there. We have a public holiday on Friday for the local show, so I expect, I will spend it writing reports.

Today we went to an 'adventure' park with our year nines as part of a transition program. They are going to the senior campus next year. It was exhausting.

My team talked me into participating in a couple of things. So I did the 'Leap of Faith' which involved walking a plank with a harness on, up very very high.

I also did one of the team activities. We had to all as a team get over this really high wall. There was one student left who hadn't done it and as I was attempting to convince her it would be fine, some bright spark suggested I show her, for extra points for the team. I would have gladly disappeared, yet instead allowed my students to boost me up and drag me up over this wall.

Bruises galore! Why do I always fall for these things? The kids are younger and braver than me! I am so tired, but it was great to see the kids push their boundaries. Some of them are amazingly strong, brave and fit. One more day of teaching and then a marathon report writing weekend, including my birthday somehow. Oh, I have to make my wish list!

26 November 2007

Restorative Justice

Tonight we had a speaker talk to us about 'Restorative Justice'. Terry O'Connell came to our school to run a session and it was a bit of a shame that only about a quarter of the teachers attended, because it was brilliant. I totally agree with most of what he said and I can't wait to explain it to my students and practise it with next year. I am going to be one of the year 9 co-coordinators next year.

The result of the no compromise situation, I ended up getting the position I wanted!

The power of restorative justice, I feel is that it is relationship building. It also gives all involved to have a learning experience. This is the kind of environment I want to work in and belong to. Read the article in the link about Terry because it outlines more about what this system is about. It works equally in all relationships I imagine and I had a play with it tonight with my son over a small situation and found the questions very satisfying and the outcome pleasing.

I have learnt more in the last three days than I have in a long time. My brain feels very satisfied! It's wonderful when you have highly productive learning experiences. A great high for me and rare too! Often it can be tedious and hard to get through, yet both courses I have attended were really interesting and useful.

I didn't get home from work until late and have mounds of corrections so I am beginning to feel a little under the hammer.

25 November 2007

Massage Course - Day Two

Today was the final day of the introductory massage course. I feel confident to give massage to my nearest and dearest now. I purchased a table as I can see that having one will enable me to give a better massage, for longer, without tiring or injuring myself.

I was pleased with the course I have participated in. I was surprised how quickly the breaks came. I never felt bored or restless for a second. That is unusual for me in a course. This was very hands on and I think it's a great way to learn a practical skill.

The instructors were very professional and knowledgeable. They presented well and created a very safe learning environment. Their instructions were clear and the course was well structured. I was more relaxed and comfortable today. Yesterday it was all very new to me. It's amazing to feel such progress in learning.

I initially intended only to complete this introductory module, yet feel it is quite likely that I will complete the certificate or perhaps even the diploma. Whilst I don't see any likelihood of becoming a professional, I think it is an awesome skill for a number of reasons. I might tell you about them another time, because I have plenty to catch up on around here!!

Who Do Teens Admire?

This week in my year 9 English class, students were delivering prepared oral presentations on the subject "A Person I Admire". I love this assignment. Every year, I have been delighted as students have usually prepared well and revealed the heroes in their lives.

Most years there are a couple of 'celebrity' heroes and they have predominantly been sporting and entertainment heroes until this year. I was delighted with the 'famous' heroes chosen this year, social activists, business people doing extraordinary things and courageous survivors were the only 'personally unknowns' in the speeches. This is really important to me because I feel young people need real role models. Role models that are worthy of their admiration and worth imitating.

Most students select a family member. Grandparents, mothers, fathers, aunts, brothers and sisters are all the people most looked up to by teenagers over the 6 years I have been teaching year 9 English. The love and gratitude the teenagers express in these speeches are precious. Whenever I can, I let parents know this because I wonder if they realise how much their young person appreciates and respects them.Usually they are surprised.

Tears came to my eyes in class a few times whilst listening to the speeches as they were so touching. As I looked around the room, some of the students were feeling similarly moved. I felt proud this class has created such a safe learning environment that they can share their passions and express their emotions within it. It feels human to me.

24 November 2007

Massage Course - Day one

With my trimmed fingernails and numerous towels I headed off this morning for day one of the course. I called into my closest polling booth to vote and was totally dismayed by the long line. I couldn't wait as I knew I would be late. I was early then and surprised there was no polling booth nearby. I was a bit stuck on that concern, I think I was nervous about doing the course. I found one at lunchtime with no line, and there was no problems.

It was a bit confronting to me, the thought of massaging people I don't know. I had no problem receiving massages from strangers though. I think for some of the participants it may have been the other way around. I love getting massages though.

It was interesting being a learner again. It's been a little while since I've taken a class or course. I enjoyed it. It was a little uncomfortable for me to massage strangers to be honest and I am looking forward to practicing what I have learnt on my family and close friends. I have learnt ways to position myself so I won't be as tired. I have a new understanding of the routines of massage and the reasons for doing things. I am looking forward to learning more tomorrow. The other participants won't be strangers by then!

I have also purchased a table that looks great and after researching it, the deal they offered was great. I can really feel the difference in giving a massage on a table and know it will allow me to feel less strained and tired, whilst giving this great experience to the people I love.

I am really glad I committed to this course because I wouldn't have made it this weekend, without having committed to it a while ago when all that I have on my plate right now, wasn't in my face!

23 November 2007

24th November 2007 -Full Moon in Gemini

This Full Moon has all sorts of interesting things going for it. Mystic Medusa in the Tasmanian Mercury:Bad News Rising predicts some surprises for us on election day in Australia. The moon will be full tomorrow night in Australia.

I am participating in a massage course this weekend. It is an introductory course and I have been looking forward to it for a while now, even though I knew it would come at a busy time in the school year. I have been correcting essays all week in preparation. I think I will manage it though. We have a short week next week and a local public holiday for the show on Friday, which helps.

21 November 2007

Sagittarian's Birthday Season

The sun enters Sagittarius today. There are a few Aussie bloggers who are Saggis, I have noticed. Megan Bayliss from Imaginif, is actually born on the same day as me! She's slightly older and wiser though. She also shares this date with my friend Rhonda. Kelly Marie has mentioned her birthday is the 18th December. There are probably others I haven't noticed. I have a daughter and a brother born in December also.

There are heaps of Saggis at work too. Must be a good 10% at a rough guess of the teachers. We must love teaching! I have found them to also have a great love of laughter. Christine Broadbent's: Sagittarius is an interesting read if you really want to know more about what makes us tick.
I found this great link and share the outlook of it's author, I seriously like to celebrate my birthday. So Happy Birthday to you all in case with all the rush of December I forget to wish you personally!

Mum's Cooking

The cool change has made us all tired and hungry. This morning at work people were ravenous and heading off to all directions to chow down. I ate lunch about an hour early myself. I'm sure the chocolate fundraiser sales in the staff room went through the roof.

My wonderful mum is cooking at my place lately because they are having their kitchen renovated. Tonight she made a roast and I arrived home from work to the divine smell of roasting meat and veges. It was heavenly.

There is just nothing like your mum's cooking. My son refuses to eat potatoes, yet will eat my mum's, even mashed! On occasion I have managed to get a roasted potato into him, but never a mashed one. I am his mum, so I wonder if he will ever come to relish my cooking as much. To be honest, as a kid I didn't appreciate the goodness of it.

The tradespeople were coming this morning to install it, so long as it wasn't raining. When I woke up today and saw the rain, I must admit I thought, the delay to their new kitchen would mean more of mum's cooking for me. Selfish aren't I? It wasn't wet enough though, so they went ahead. I'd say by the weekend this lovely time of having dinner cooked for me each night will be over!

Anyone else need to use a kitchen whilst they renovate theirs? I don't eat much.

20 November 2007

Recent good reads online

Robin Good: Online Social Networking And Education: Study Reports On New Generations Social And Creative Interconnected Lifestyles
Must read for parents who are concerned about their children's Internet behaviour/habits. It's not all bad! I'm sure I've said it before, but 'Repetition Leads to Discovery' Robin Good is great reading!

The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss: Don’t Like Meditation? Try Gratitude Training. (Plus: Follow-up to “Testing Friends” Firestorm)
I have recently purchased Tim Ferriss's book "The 4-Hour Work Week". This post about gratitude is great. I have actually tried this and found it to work, always good to be reminded to start doing useful things again though. I especially liked the 'follow-up' part as well.

Duncans TV Ad Land : Highmark Challenges Bullying with Punching Bag
If you are a parent or teacher at some stage you could be faced with a bully or a bullied child. It's painful stuff. Highmark is an American Health Insurance company which obviously understands the far reaching consequences of this in the field of health.

Christine Kane : Watch Your Language
I frequently need to be reminded about this one!

Healthy Living Lounge has two great Feng Shui articles as follows:
Nine Sure Signs the Energy in Your Home is Stressed
Nine Things You Don't Know About Your Child's Bedroom
There are some great tips for making or restoring your home as the nurturing place we all need it to be.

19 November 2007

Namowrimo Abandoned for Beach

I concede defeat. If you look at my stats, there is very little hope for me. Last year I predicted my inability to do it and didn't try, this year I am quite willingly surrendering. It must have been beginners luck the first year and I feel doubly successful in my original effort now that I appreciate what it must have taken. I take my hat off to all those who are soldiering on with it and will now be a supporter from the sidelines.

My weekend went in directions I didn't expect. I was too leisurely on Saturday, although thank goodness I did clean my house! Often I put that off till Sunday as well. I enjoyed it all very much though and feel no regret for the price I have paid.

On Sunday after his work, my son suggested we get out of the house and go to the beach. So we did. He brought a couple of friends and Rhonda called and decided to join us. We took our work with us, study, unfinished essays, corrections were all packed up and away we went. Driving there, about an hour away from home, the sky was dark and rain spits were disheartening on the windscreen. Rhonda in her car was thinking I was mad.

We arrived at the beach, whilst most were packing up to leave we enjoyed a couple of hours of swimming and lying in the gentle afternoon sun. It had been hot and muggy at home, yet was clear and still warm on the sand. The sea was refreshing and I enjoyed playing in the chilly waves. We then went into town and the six of us ordered a variety of yummy food and sat out on the street table and satisfied our after swimming appetites, tasting all the variety and laughing a lot. The sun was setting as we drove home and the world was beautiful. As we came through the hills the air smelt of eucalyptus's and the thunder storm we could see ahead.

It did my spirit good. I'll write the novel another day. Now I need to get moving for the busiest time of my year. Corrections, report-writing, Christmas shopping and mega birthdays (including my own!) all loom in the next month. This time next month I will be in WA with Jane, so I need to be effective in my actions and letting go of NaNoWriMo is the first step.

18 November 2007

'Lies', 'Once' and personal clips

Last night I went to see 'Once', I have reviewed it on 'Falling Brick'.
This is a track from the film called 'Lies'.

This YouTube clip is a scene from the film that particularly touched me. On IMDb I read about the film, it mentioned in the trivia the clip was of the director, John Carney's real girlfriend. This added to the appeal of the film for me. It was a very real and amazing film.

I love to make clips for people I love. I have just finished making one and sent it to Andy in Tasmania. I want to edit it already! Little snippets of our time together through my eyes. He probably hasn't even seen it yet. Lucky he never reads my blog - would blow the surprise.

Last Christmas I made one for Jane and we added a Christmas message to the end of the collage. She lives interstate, so it was fun to do. I love that too. I made one for my Pa's funeral that is particularly special to me. I have promised family members to distribute it to them. I must do that soon.

I started off making them for my homeroom class and giving a copy to each child as a gift for the end of the year. A couple of my year 9s have told me they still watch them and treasure the one I made for them in year 7. They are just really collages of photos and small videos taken with a still camera. The limitation of 30 seconds that my digital camera has, makes for easy editing. I then edit them in Microsoft Movie Maker. As I said, it is a very simple and inexpensive way to give a meaningful gift. Microsoft also have a program called Photo Story, if you only have photos.

This year at school, my digital storytelling class is making a clip for each homeroom. They are doing a great job. Some of them are using Flash and I am getting them to teach me about it as I haven't used it before.

17 November 2007

Girlosophy: A Soul Survival Kit, by Anthea Paul

Get 'Girlosophy: A Soul Survival Kit' for your girls, you'll be glad you did.
When you open this book, vibrant images, colours and words almost bounce off the pages. In the style of billboards or large stunning posters, the sound messages of this book are delivered in a very asthetically pleasing way. It's like flicking through a glossy magazine, yet instead of false images, the truth is revealed.
The messages in this book are nourishing and good. If you have a daughter, this would be an amazing gift. I thoroughly enjoyed it myself and thought several times as I was reading it from cover to cover, I wish someone had told me that info at an earlier age. For me it was everything I want my daughter to know about being the best she can be.
I have taken this book (as well as some others), to school this week and the teens I work with have all flicked through them and shared with each other the bits they found particularly interesting. Many of them asked me where they could buy them and how much. So it's not just my older eyes that saw the beauty in it. The boys too were quite interested and much of the information is human rather than female.

16 November 2007

Mars Retrograde November 2007

Mars turned retrograde on 15th November 2007, today in Australia. When a planet it retrograde, it appears to be going backward in the sky. It's not though in reality. Mars is retrograde every 20 months. There is a fairly comprehensive article about this phenomena here and here.

If you would like to know how this could affect your sign, Kelly Suartes monthly horoscope, provides some indications.

I personally felt a drop in energy today, may have been due to lovely warmth of the day though.

15 November 2007

My Truth about Beauty

Your beauty takes nothing away from mine! There is space in the world for each of us to be beautiful. Our uniqueness, rarity and individuality makes each of us gorgeous. When we try to subscribe to the media's notions of beauty is when it all get's ugly. I love the Dove commercials. Especially this one:

It is sad to see people in competitions about beauty. These range from the school yard quasi popularity contests to the pageants and contests held all over the world to determine beauty. We all know these kinds of things are fleeting, in the eye of the beholder and irrelevant to the real things in life. Most of us are aware of the forces that come into play when these contests occur. Look at the movies about them:

"Little Miss Sunshine", "Beautiful", ,"Miss Congeniality" ,"Drop Dead Gorgeous" are films giving some insight into the ugliness of the beauty competition. It's all wrong!

I remember when my daughter was a baby, one of my most embarrassing memories was putting her in a baby photography competition. I knew she would win because she was divine. She was absolutely gorgeous. My best friend Jane, whom I dragged along with me, begged me not to do it. She sanely pleaded that it was a stupid idea. I couldn't see the harm. I'm not sure what it was I wanted to prove to the world (and a small world it was). Strangely my daughter did not win. I was shocked, as was every other parent in the room whose child didn't win. We all know our children are amazing and beautiful and the truth is they are. I didn't make that same mistake with my second child.

I have been showing my students the evolution clip this week and discussing with all classes the impact of what we see in the media about our gender, beauty and sexuality. It's been interesting and has been inspired from the great talk I heard on Monday by Anthea Paul. I have purchased 'girlosophy' and have loved what I have read so far. It is visually stunning.

Go Around Twice If You're Happy

Thanks Christopher for this link. Made my day!

14 November 2007

The Kite Rider by Geraldine McCaughrean

This young boys journey through many changes of fortune in China is an imaginative and delightful adventure. Gou Haoyou witnesses much as fate drags him from the small life he's always known and he joins the circus.

I enjoyed this book. The characters were interesting and the landscapes and view into Chinese culture is always fascinating to me. This was set in 13th Century China. I also love kites, which as the title suggests feature in this great story.

It was the winner of the Carnegie Medal.

13 November 2007

Schools Today

I've just returned from our schools fashion parade. The talent displayed by the kids just blows me away. The beauty of each individual kid who modelled the clothes, all different shapes and sizes, hair colours, individuals shone for all to see. The creativity and work that was on display in the drawings and sketches in the foyer, in the recycled fashion items modelled by the students was stunning. It saddens me that it is so obvious to the adults in their lives, parents, teachers and friends, yet they miss it in themselves. This is why I loved Anthea Paul's awesome speech last night.

It's been a busy week at school and I have seen some amazing displays of goodness this week. On Monday we held a Remembrance Day service. A group of students organised and delivered speeches acknowledging their appreciation of the selflessness of those who served the country. Students then pinned names of family members who had served to a string. The remainder of the student body, roughly 600 students all seated on the ground around the flagpole, were so silent and respectful, you could hear the names gently flapping in the wind. Every year I witness this in awe. I look at the sea of faces and feel proud to work among these kids who rise to such occasions.

It is also a privilege to work alongside the teachers who make these things happen. The teacher responsible for the Remembrance Day service and the Fashion Parade sits next to me at my desk. I watch her every year making calls, driving around town, running fundraisers to make these events a success. She gets exhausted, tired, stressed yet her passion for her students and life keeps her turning up every day to make these truly educational experiences happen. She is not paid any more than other teachers at our school, she has no special position, she enriches our school community because that is an expression of who she is. I appreciate her greatly.

The media rarely reports these things. Reporters don't tell about the kids who support one another through family, friendship and health crisis's. They don't find it newsworthy to inform about the efforts that go into fundraising and social action in most schools around the country. They don't celebrate the talent and creativity we get to see in the art shows, fashion parades, musical performances, to mention a few of the events I get to see every year.

Yes, we will all be exhausted over the next few weeks wrapping up the year into corrections, reports and award nights, but it is entirely worth it.

Girlosophy and Anthea Paul

Last night I went to see Anthea Paul speak at the Gippsland Womens Health Annual General Meeting in Sale. She is one of the most engaging speakers I have listened to, in a long time. I was very overtired and nearly didn't bother - I'm so pleased I did!

It helped that her message is exactly the kind of message I try to get out to my students every day. It's easy to like someone who agrees with you :-). Yet seriously, there is a woman who is a fitting role model for young women. She is passionate, intelligent and articulate. She recognises true beauty and spirit for what it is and casts all imitations offered to young women today aside.

Anthea has written a series of books for young women, which I will be purchasing and reading. I will no doubt share them here, when I am done. Her message is worthy and I intend to take it up. She is currently visiting a number of schools and communities in Gippsland, so if you have the opportunity to see her, do whatever it takes to get there. Take your daughter!

11 November 2007

7 Weird/Random Facts About Me

I've been tagged by the incredibly flexible (splits at 35!) Tiff from Three Ring Circus
Here are the instructions:
Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
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So here we go; 7 random and/or weird facts about me:

1. There are 16 years between my sister and I. I am the eldest (41) and she is the youngest (26). We are the only girls in my family and 4 boys in between. Yep, I had totally given up on ever having a sister!

2. It took me 13 years to complete my BA. I had two kids, two businesses and a lot of stops and starts, but I did it!! I finished it in 1994.

3. A high percentage of my friends are the same star sign as me. My closest friend, Rhonda is actually born the same day as me. Most of my boyfriends have been Gemini's or Leos. I am quite interested in astrology.

4. I spent a year carefully cutting and placing tiles on a board to make a mosaic table, that was over 12 months ago and I still haven't put the grout in it. Do you think I celebrated too soon?

5. I love accents, French, Irish and Scottish especially. One of my favourite songs right now "I'll Kill Her" by Soko and I love Camille. I'm sure it's all about the accents. My daughter and I once listened to a door to door salesperson for ages and when she left we both admitted it was because of her English accent.

6. I frequently forget my students names at this time of the year. I know them well and I hate it, but I have these mental blocks and they laugh about it now and can see the blank look on my face. These are kids I know and love. Very frustrating.

7. When I was in primary school I knocked on the priest's door and asked what the relic was under the alter in our church. He had no idea! I think I annoyed him.

I want to know about the weirdnesses/random facts of the following bloggers*:
Bare Bones Gardening
Simply Living
Kelly Marie - Letting Loose
Midlife - A Journey
You Can't Coach That
My Life Starts at Forty Two

* I won't be offended if you pass.

Tamboritha Update

I received an email from one of the committee members who cares for and maintains our school camp at Tamboritha. They were heading up to the camp on the Melbourne Cup Day weekend to do maintenance. It was accessible via 4WD. They needed to do a creek crossing because one of the bridges was out. The remainder of the road was ok.

The email said the road would likely be closed until October 2008.

The Cup Day weekend however brought more rain and the Licola bridge was again out of action. Floods damaged Cheynes bridge. I hope the committee made it out OK. They are generous people who give their time so many young people can have an experience that is unique and precious.

It seems we may not be going there again in 2008. I am disappointed. It is the best place to see the starry night. The horse riding place we went to this year is not a patch on the experience up there. It's just not the same. I love Tamboritha.

10 November 2007

Scorpio New Moon Observations

I'm feeling quite contemplative today. I blame the Scorpio new moon. It's good for all the writing I want to do though. I made a great start last night and met the quota I had set for myself. It's all very crude though and I know it would need massive editing if I were to take it any further or expose it to another.

Secrets are being told. I have heard a couple these last few days. Surprising secrets, not the ones I've been avoiding.

I have to get a haircut. I had it cut only 5 weeks ago. The grey is more obvious so that needs attending to also! Short hair saves time on a daily basis, but I find I have to go to the hairdressers regularly. I am testing the theory that if you get your hair cut before the new moon, it grows slower. When I wanted to grow my hair long, I would get it cut as soon as possible after the new moon. I know how busy the next few weeks could be, so I am doing it now.

09 November 2007

Beautiful World by Colin Hay

I heard this song for the first time today and just loved it. I heard it on a remix (Shift Happens) of that great clip : Did You Know/Shift Happens . For anyone who is interested the original presentation can be accessed at this blog The Fischbowl.

Getting back to Colin Hay, I recognised his voice, which pleased me. When my pa died I listened to his song "Waiting For My Real Life to Begin" over and over. I'm not sure why, I just found it quite soothing and comforting. I guess my pa was always a bit of a dreamer and perhaps it embraced that. This song 'Beautiful World' is lovely.

I showed the clip to my year 9 students today in the Careers class to assist them in thinking about the kinds of jobs that may be available in the future. They responded so well to it, I shared it with my year 9 English class as well. They found it interesting and inspiring.

Nanowrimo and exercise

I still haven't written any more, I've been too busy. I do have an idea that has reinspired me though. I'm looking forward to spending the weekend writing up all the notes I've been jotting down, in between this and that. I can keep what I have already started too, which I'm pleased about. At one stage I was contemplating starting from scratch. Still not sure if I'll make it, but I am going to give it one last good go.

This weekend is the main time I am going to have to work on it. I am booked to do a massage course the weekend after and reports are starting to whisper to me. I have some corrections to attend to also.

My sister visited last night and it was great to see her. She makes me laugh so much. I hadn't seen her for ages and it was great to catch up.

My stepper is broken at the moment so I've had to go to my parents house to do my half hour aerobic exercise on their treadmill. I find the treadmill doesn't allow me to get my heartrate up as much because I get shin pains. I think it has more impact on me. I prefer my own machine and it's being attended to today so I hope it's all better by tonight. I have finally reached the point in exercising where I look forward to that half hour and feel quite bereft if it doesn't come around. I never thought I'd see that day!

07 November 2007

New Moon in Scorpio 2007

I have just returned from my massage and feel quite deliciously relaxed and refreshed. I was fit to scream this afternoon. Cranky, overtired and I felt like waiting up for my massage was intolerable. I wasn't sure if I would go to sleep or cry on the table tonight, but I just sank into the deepest relaxation whilst all the troubles in my mind whirled around and eventually evaporated. I feel good now.

For all the astrological snippets on the New Moon in Scorpio arriving Saturday afternoon in Australia (east coast) About.com can fill you in on what a Scorpio new moon is about. One of my favourite Aussie astrologers Yasmin Boland's Sagittarius weekly outlook for the new moon is eerily accurate for me. I do have a few mysteries on my plate at present, and I am not sure if I'm brave enough to know the truth yet. I don't think I'll be digging into anything in the near future. I would rather remain relaxed and do the meditating part!

06 November 2007


I won the sweep! Got to celebrate that. Efficient - never heard of it, not that I spent any time studying form guides, but students who knew pitied me when I drew that horse.

I have only written 3300 words for NaNoWriMo - yep, not looking good at this stage, I have enjoyed what I have written though, so who knows, maybe I will spend an afternoon on the weekend and catch up. Or not....
Almost at the stage of giving up on NaNoWriMo already. Think I have picked the wrong idea. I have run out of steam on it already.

I began my reports today. In a very small way, I opened the program and made a start. I'm feeling quite confident I will make the deadline. This must be a record for me to open the report writing software a full 27 days before reports are due!

I found a place to stay in Italy for a holiday over lunch. Two weeks in Italy in the middle of winter. That's a great possibility. I was discussing the Ruth Ostrow article from my last post. So it's already been great value for me.

04 November 2007

Links to Great Online Posts

I've read some really inspiring and uplifting blog posts this week that I'd like to share. It's a good place for me to store them too I might add, I'm fairly confident I'll want to reread them.

Christine Kane: 9 Irresistible Reasons to Go Complaint-Free Starting Right Now
Christine Kane's blog is usually a great read and one of my favourites. Going complaint free seems like a very positive way to make a major change in your life. It sounds simple but I'll let you know how I go!

Ruth Ostrow: Seek Your Own Fez House
This is just the kind of inspiring story I love. It involves renovating and exotic locations and throwing caution to the wind.

Craig Harper: The Choices We Make When We Choose Nothing
Another great reminder from Craig Harper about being proactive in our lives. He makes me laugh, even when I intensely dislike the truth he is telling.

Duncan's TVAdland: Dove Boy Meets Amy
I love these Dove Self-Esteem fund clips and this latest one is simple, yet beautiful.

The Killers Tears by Anne-Laure Bondoux

This little book exposes the power of love in a most gentle and efficient way. Set in Chile, which is one of the countries that holds the most fascination for me, it begins at an extreme end of Chile in an isolated household perched in a harsh landscape. The story unfolds to shock and amaze with it's innocence and simplicity.

The young boy, Paolo is introduced to the world alongside the murderer and they lift each other from their different kinds of isolation. Paolo is introduced to many delights and his pure enjoyment of things as simple as the luxury of a bank, reintroduced the abundance of our lives to me. He feels these pleasures fully. The murderer Angel is similarly reacquainted with beauty and innocence and this is a great insight into how your perception can change the world.
It was originally written in French. The story stayed with me and impacted on my interactions with others. A powerful story about redemption, I would recommend it. I loved it.

03 November 2007

Rainy Saturday

Ladies day at the races is a washout today. The shopping centre was overflowing with overdressed ladies. All dressed up with no place to go. I ducked in, in my trackies, looking quite 'ordinary' and noticed I was terribly underdressed. I still had my comfort and that consoled me.

This week has rushed by in a blur of events. I have not blogged for two days. All those assuming I've been busily writing for NaNoWriMo - Wrong! I have a way to catch up on that.

I am just basically out of ideas and overtired. Not a particularly inspiring state. I have began to order my home so I could catch up in a hurry. Here's hoping.