28 August 2007

Mission Statement for Joh Blogs

My blog's mission is to leave a legacy for my as yet unborn grandchildren. My kids aren't even married yet! I loved my grandparents thoroughly and finding a little diary of my nana's after she'd left the planet was an amazing gift, that I wanted to pass on. It will be a record of the things I valued and thought enough of to write a blog post.

There are lots of side benefits such as knowing what I think, having a record of things that have interested me and stashing bits of info that I would otherwise forget. I have enjoyed creating something personal, yet constructed with an audience in mind. I love writing. The entrepreneur in me sometimes get's caught up in potential profits, but my mission holds through thick and thin.


Josh from 9.4 said...

I was thinking about the very same thing. If the internet is going to be around forever, and it will, why not take advantage of it to communicate to our grand, grand-children. Imagine how interesting it would be to read up on what your great great relation used to like, what day to day life was for them, and all the things they valued. An insight into their lives simply. I can't imagine anybody who would not want to read about there great great grandfather or grandmother. I take as many pictures of myself as possible ( I swear i don't love myself, its for my grandkids to look at) so that when my children are old enough to surf the web , they can look my pictures up on myspace, and realise I'm not just an " adult " but that I used to be a kid too! It's harder for a child to beleive that without pictures of visual aid. So when I am old and decrepit I will be able to look back on the internet and view all my videos and pictures and remember how much fun I had when I was a kid.

Keep up the Blog writing.

Sueblimely said...

I had never thought of blogging in those terms before but what a valuable insight it gives into our way of lives, beliefs and opinions etc. We need to save the posts that convey this insight and not let them get lost in archives and search engine 'trash cans'.