12 December 2006

Giving and Receiving

December means Christmas season. It starts way too early out there in the wider world, but in our family with so many Sagittarian's I don't start with the Christmas tree and the serious contemplation of Christmas until after my daughter's birthday. So about now for me.
I have actually been doing a bit of shopping here and there this year, so I don't have too many people still to buy for. I was wondering today if the people I have to buy for have wishlists somewhere online that I am not tapping into. They could have an Amazon wishlist or a Froogle wishlist and I am just not aware of it. It would be really cool if they did. I was thinking about the possibility that people may add their wildest hopes to those kinds of lists and it would be fun to give others exactly what they wanted. One of my close friends has 8 people by the same name and none of them sound like her taste on Amazon. Luckily though the majority of people on my list I am in contact with regularly enough to know what they love.
Today I read a wonderful article by Steve Pavlina called "Making Money Consciously". It is one of the most grounded, yet inspiring and helpful things I have read for a while and it made me think about my contribution to social value.

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Kat said...

top job with the Christmas shopping Joh.
that was a fab article, it made me think as well.
totally unrelated, but how awesome is this program> http://www.rooftopcinema.com.au/fullprog.html plus simply the fact that it's a rooftop cinema, yay for fun things!
hope you enjoy your last few days at school for the year.