14 July 2006


I have noticed that to be popular can have a real negative conotation. Students often say to me "They are popular", like it means they have some flaw in their character. It seems to me that tall poppy syndrome is alive and well when I hear that. I have observed popular people and found that these people in most cases have a genuine love of other people that allows them to make and keep good relationships with others.
There seems to be an underlying opinion that if something is popular it is rubbish. If something pleases most or many of the people, it must be unworthy. Perhaps politicians and those who seek popularity have created this image. Many people who are popular though do not seek popularity as such but find it as a precessional effect of their ability to be of service to others.
A popular decision can sometimes be difficult to find - but when dealing with others, isn't it best to try to find a solution that pleases the greatest number of people.

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