22 August 2006

Trips to Melbourne

I haven't posted for nearly a week. It's been a busy six days since my last post. We had to rush to Melbourne last Thursday for a last minute health issue. All is well now though, so that is good. Today I went on the museum trip to the city with the school. I went to IMAX for the first time! It was a HUGE screen. I will put some photo's up of the trip later when I am not so tired and can find my camera.

Whilst waiting we visited Dandenong and I must recommend to anyone who can access it, the Op shop in the main street that sells books only. It is towards the end of the strip heading for Melbourne. It gets books from the surrounding libraries and there were heaps of books in great condition, very cheaply priced. I could have spent more time there. There was also a great Lebanese bakery that had a great feel and yummy food in the same stretch of shops though more toward the Gippsland end of Dandenong.

If you regularly read my blog, you will notice a new look and tags. I would love to go back and tag all my previous posts but think it may be too time consuming. It would be interesting just to see what I mainly write about! I will possibly play around with it more. Blogger has introduced more options, so naturally I can't resist.

Today I left my book at home by mistake, but whilst going through my back pack found another book and read it all today. It was No Worries by Bill Condon. I enjoyed it. It was quite insightful and I was moved by the plight of the young male protagonist. It was an honour book for the Childrens Book Council Australia, book of the year awards for older readers.

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