10 September 2006

Eyespot's fun

Had coffee with Asha yesterday and the best lemon meringue pie in Traralgon from PJ's. Asha had a white hot chocolate. I am glad we went there, haven't been there for ages and it was divine! The sculpture they have in there next to the comfy couch we sat on is in my little clip I am sharing with you.
Tom went off on his trip to QLD with his dad. I miss him already!
Yesterday I played around with Eyespot. It was great fun. I made this little clip:

I like it!

I watched a couple of movies. Nothing worth mentioning, purely entertaining and forgettable, action and adventure.
I am reading a Gary Crew book at present, an older one called "No Such Country". It has archeology in it so I love it. It's also a bit scary and because it's a kid's book, I'm hoping I'll cope with that. I am teaching history to the 7s and 8s this term so I am all passionate about archeology and history. I'm gathering a pile of great books for the holidays and I can see it in sight so I'm feeling good about that.

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Jo McLeay said...

Hi, it's great that you are on beta blogger. I'm looking forward to the holidays as well, but I can't just read for leisure as I have to do a big swag on my thesis. Although I do read whenever I can. I am reading the Year the Gypsies Came. http://www.penguin.co.uk/nf/Book/BookDisplay/0,,9780141382784,00.html