22 October 2006

Sunday Stumble

No, I didn't go out last night and have a big one and stumble in this morning.
Yesterday I went to a school reunion type function,which was more a work responsibility than something I wanted to attend, and a person from 20 years ago recognised me and was quite shocked to see that I am now a respectable human being. Quite funny really.
Anyway.....you have to see this site that I stumbled on with 'StumbleUpon' today called 'Lords of the Logistic', It is an awesome site that has photo's of people doing amazing things. I recommend it to you so you can consider it next time you think you don't have enough room in your car, or something like that!
Stumbleupon is really my favourite timewaster at present. The sites referred are often really excellent and I find it the best way to find random new things.

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