20 November 2006

Ted Talks

Considering what it costs to see Anthony Robbins live, this is good value. It's free! He tells a very touching story. I've listened to a few Anthony Robbins tapes over the years, but not until today did I hear him say the F word. So that was interesting! I kinda liked it. Made him seem more human to me. I know, I have issues.
Actually you can watch a video of Tony Robbins. He looks good too.
I have been checking out TED Talks again today. I watched a video there the other day, I don't know if I mentioned it here but it was about Happiness by Dan Gilbert and I really enjoyed it. This is a valuable resource. There are quite a few great speakers on this site and I think you could treat yourself to the time it takes to listen to a half hour or so, or download a podcast.
Oh and since U2 is in Australia, you might like to celebrate that by watching Bono here.


Anonymous said...

In his live seminars he is using the f.... word a lot. I'v experienced his UPW event in London this year and it war outstanding.

Best wishes from Germany ... Marc

Joh said...

Thanks Marc,
It got my attention. Maybe that's what it's about. I imagine what ever he did would be intentional.