01 December 2006

It's my Birthday Tomorrrow

Start early with your celebrations!
During report writing week, I always read as though there is no tomorrow. My first consumption was 'Conrad's Fate' by Diana Wynne Jones. It was an enjoyable read and I read The Merlin Conspiracy, when my kids received it as a gift for Christmas a couple of years ago. My sister-in-law said the bookseller had told her it was a suitable replacement for kids who were suffering Harry Potter withdrawal. I enjoyed it, but I don't think my son got through it.
I totally enjoyed Allie McGregor's True Colours by Sue Lawson. It captures much of the angst I see in the teenagers who attend the place I work. It was a quick read and easy to devour. The characters were familiar and lovable.
I completed the first draft of my reports last night and am very pleased with myself because it is my birthday tomorrow and I always strive to be complete before then. I love my birthday.

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