25 November 2006

Ups and Downs

This week has been a rollercoaster ride. I have been all over the place emotionally and mentally.
My daughter had her graduation this week and because she was school captain, had to give a speech. I was so proud of her and in awe of her speaking abilities. She has such a presence when she speaks in public and I am always bursting with pride when I hear her. I also feel a little nostalgic about her finishing school.
My son has had a bit of a health issue that we're still not sure about. I am worried yet hopeful it will all be ok at the same time. So therefore quite up and down about that.
Naturally it is report writing week!
I managed to squeeze in 'An Inconvenient Truth', with the school and it lived up to it's name because it was inconvenient. When you live in a regional area though, you have to support these films with small niche audiences,or they don't come back! Also there was a group organised from school/work, so I didn't want to miss it either.
I read weblogg-ed: "Is Reading Dead" this morning and remembered a lovely moment this week, I might have forgotten in the big action of this week. One of my year 7s who at the beginning of the year hated reading came to tell me she had finished the book I recommended for her last week. As I was so busy and self absorbed, I nearly brushed her off with a nod and a 'well done' smile, but she wouldn't accept that. She said "Tell me, did you cry?". I had to have a look then and really remember the book. It was Painted Love Letters by Catherine Bateson. I admitted that I had sobbed when I read it. It was a great book. She really wanted to share the effect it had on her.
These are the peak moments for me as a teacher. I nearly lost that moment in the rush of the week, so my answer to the question 'Is reading dead?', is no way. This happens quite regularly enough for me to keep going to school every day, correcting, writing reports, doing yard duty and all the other parts of being a teacher that I find less inspiring and enjoyable.


Kat said...

Joh I'm sorry that I only ever seem to comment with an "aww, go you" but it's those posts that motivate me to remind you I'm reading and I love you and miss you.

ps- sorry if that didn't make much sense, it's late and my brain hasn't really been working since exams finishd.

Joh said...

Thanks Kat,
Glad exams are finished! Woo hoo! See you soon.