25 July 2006

God's in the Laundry

About 10 years ago there was a book around called 'God's in the Laundry'. It was published by a group called 'Spirit Today'. I did a weekend course with these people. It was an interesting experience. I never read the book, but the title has haunted me. Every time I need to spend prolonged time in the laundry, the title pops into my head.
I don't often spend a prolonged time in my laundry. I generally have a smooth system of processing laundry that flows along quite nicely. One of us puts a load on before work, hang it out after school, someone brings it in, we fold it and each take our piles to our respective spaces. It's all very fleeting really.
Occasionally though, the system stumbles and the laundry becomes choked. That's how it was this morning. I noticed several piles and baskets in various stages of the process and the clothes on the line were wet from overnight rain. I realised I needed to spend some time with God in the laundry.
Order is in process, not quite complete yet, but I feel better.
So I share with you the mundane workings of my home making and mind.

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