02 October 2006

Term 4, 2006 Kicks Off

I returned to school/work today. We had a lovely reflection centered around angels to begin our term today. That great movie, "Dogma", came to mind;-). It's funny really and probably not that appropriate, but when I am sitting in that space, it is the time I most identify as being a student myself. I was such a rebellious one when I sat in that space as a student. I wonder if the energy lingers and lures me into being that again. Perhaps I should avoid that back row. That is definately the spot where it happens.
It is my favourite term because it is warmer and easier to get up. The holidays I am looking forward to are going to be longer. We have all our lovely completion rituals and there are no parent-teacher interviews after these reports we will write.
There are lots of interuptions and fun things going on.
I have two year nine camps to go on this term and I love the year 9 camps. I love going to the high country and riding horses and living simply and getting to know others better. It is a very enjoyable way to work.

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