05 October 2007


It's a song by the Waifs. I like it. The song and my haircut. I have cut it all off short. Not with the same spirit of contempt as the song. I don't feel like that at all. I'm not angry, just sad.

I had an enjoyable visit from June today and we laughed about hair. Hers is long at present and she was commenting on how much attention she gets from men and attributes it to the long hair. I know when my hair has grown long, it's always been the men in my life, partners, son, father, pa who have balked at the suggestion of getting it all cut off. I think it's funny, cause my hair grows long, when I am neglecting my appearance.

Andy has a job in Tassie now, so I accept he's not coming back soon. Damn it!


Meg said...

Where's the pic? ;)

It's funny, whenever I get all my hair cut off, I find I lose weight - maybe it's because I feel more "exposed"?

I have about 3 feet of hair at the moment (past my waist) - need I comment on the state of my weight...?!

My son's friends call me the "hippy mum". What do they say about long hair after 40 (soon approaching)? Or wait - is that after 30? With my aversion to hairdressers, no doubt I'll be a "hippy granny".

Be happy in your "pampered" state :)

Joh said...

Hey Hippy Mom, I had long hair at 40 & 30! What do they say?
I have dropped a bit of weight lately with my bouts of gastro and grief, so I guess that could have actually inspired the haircut.
Tomorrow morning will be the shock, when I forget and look in the bathroom mirror and get a fright!
Thanks for stopping by.