30 November 2007

My Birthday Wish List For Sunday

I'm taking a break from my report writing to indulge my wishes for Sunday's big 42nd Birthday!! For my birthday this year, apart from world peace, I want these things in the year ahead.
Good health and love of my family and friends and to make the time to enjoy their company, especially my wonderful son, who will be completing the last year of school.
A home with less clutter and more laughter. I have lots of home projects planned and hope I can see them through. I want it easy to clean and rearrange as this is a favourite past time of mine.
To be more conscious, considerate and present with others. My family, my friends, co-workers, the wonderful students I get to teach would all benefit from this one as well as my own peace of mind.
To exercise daily, eat fresh, delicious, healthy food and drink plenty of water. To continue regular chiropractic and massage appointments because they bring ease to my life. To give massages with my newly learnt skill to my family and friends.
Good books to read, good films to watch, music to listen to and trips to new places. To take great photo's of the people and places I get to see. I want to learn how to use Flash this year. I want to write and make clips that give satisfaction and pleasure.
To give my best in all areas of my life.
To be grateful EVERY day and not just those occasions I remember.

That's plenty of wishes. This last year I've experienced lots of changes in my life. Some were very unwanted, yet out of my hands. I have achieved a few things I'm pleased with. I've learnt some great lessons and improved areas of my life as a result.
I'm not entirely looking forward to my birthday, as there will be a couple of precious people missing. I want to accept that graciously and enjoy the ones who have stayed.


Jen at Semantically driven said...

What a great wishlist. I don't know about you, but I find when I write things down like this they have a tendency to happen more.

I hope you have a great birthday. 42 is the goddess year....

Joh said...

Thanks Jen, yep, writing it down amazes me with it's power to make things happen. Even when you forget all about it.

Goddess year sounds great, thanks for sharing that!