17 November 2007

Girlosophy: A Soul Survival Kit, by Anthea Paul

Get 'Girlosophy: A Soul Survival Kit' for your girls, you'll be glad you did.
When you open this book, vibrant images, colours and words almost bounce off the pages. In the style of billboards or large stunning posters, the sound messages of this book are delivered in a very asthetically pleasing way. It's like flicking through a glossy magazine, yet instead of false images, the truth is revealed.
The messages in this book are nourishing and good. If you have a daughter, this would be an amazing gift. I thoroughly enjoyed it myself and thought several times as I was reading it from cover to cover, I wish someone had told me that info at an earlier age. For me it was everything I want my daughter to know about being the best she can be.
I have taken this book (as well as some others), to school this week and the teens I work with have all flicked through them and shared with each other the bits they found particularly interesting. Many of them asked me where they could buy them and how much. So it's not just my older eyes that saw the beauty in it. The boys too were quite interested and much of the information is human rather than female.


Megan over at Imaginif said...

Ummm...might have to get this one for my waiting room. Am always trying to source quality books that have a therapeutic message and are easy to read.

The Dove commercials and promotional materials for raising girls/women's self esteem are excellent too.

I love that we are now marketing information about real women, not stick thin anorexic looking women.

Thanks for that Joh.

Joh said...

Megan, girlosophy would make an excellent book for a waiting room. You can pick it up and open any page and get a message of affirmation.
Everyone I have loaned it to has raved about it as much as I have and I have seen it create a real shift in a young woman who was having a bit of a struggle. I can't speak highly enough of Anthea Paul and her message.

tiff said...

I'll have to get it for my big girls who are charging full force into adolescence.

Anonymous said...

Then why did this book cause a 17 yr old girl to break with her family, leave home, jump into bed with her boyfriend. She credits all she has learned is from this book!

Joh said...

Thanks Anonymous for your comment. It would be a really powerful book if it can be credited with all that. Have you read it? I didn't read any of those directions being recommended when I read it. Anthea Paul in her talk encouraged girls to seek out their mothers advice as someone who has real experience. I found the book to be quite sane and would suggest to you that you read it.

Joh said...

Tiff, I have just realised I didn't acknowledge your comment. Thank you for dropping by. I think it is a great book for young women.