07 November 2007

New Moon in Scorpio 2007

I have just returned from my massage and feel quite deliciously relaxed and refreshed. I was fit to scream this afternoon. Cranky, overtired and I felt like waiting up for my massage was intolerable. I wasn't sure if I would go to sleep or cry on the table tonight, but I just sank into the deepest relaxation whilst all the troubles in my mind whirled around and eventually evaporated. I feel good now.

For all the astrological snippets on the New Moon in Scorpio arriving Saturday afternoon in Australia (east coast) About.com can fill you in on what a Scorpio new moon is about. One of my favourite Aussie astrologers Yasmin Boland's Sagittarius weekly outlook for the new moon is eerily accurate for me. I do have a few mysteries on my plate at present, and I am not sure if I'm brave enough to know the truth yet. I don't think I'll be digging into anything in the near future. I would rather remain relaxed and do the meditating part!

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