24 November 2007

Massage Course - Day one

With my trimmed fingernails and numerous towels I headed off this morning for day one of the course. I called into my closest polling booth to vote and was totally dismayed by the long line. I couldn't wait as I knew I would be late. I was early then and surprised there was no polling booth nearby. I was a bit stuck on that concern, I think I was nervous about doing the course. I found one at lunchtime with no line, and there was no problems.

It was a bit confronting to me, the thought of massaging people I don't know. I had no problem receiving massages from strangers though. I think for some of the participants it may have been the other way around. I love getting massages though.

It was interesting being a learner again. It's been a little while since I've taken a class or course. I enjoyed it. It was a little uncomfortable for me to massage strangers to be honest and I am looking forward to practicing what I have learnt on my family and close friends. I have learnt ways to position myself so I won't be as tired. I have a new understanding of the routines of massage and the reasons for doing things. I am looking forward to learning more tomorrow. The other participants won't be strangers by then!

I have also purchased a table that looks great and after researching it, the deal they offered was great. I can really feel the difference in giving a massage on a table and know it will allow me to feel less strained and tired, whilst giving this great experience to the people I love.

I am really glad I committed to this course because I wouldn't have made it this weekend, without having committed to it a while ago when all that I have on my plate right now, wasn't in my face!

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