11 November 2007

Tamboritha Update

I received an email from one of the committee members who cares for and maintains our school camp at Tamboritha. They were heading up to the camp on the Melbourne Cup Day weekend to do maintenance. It was accessible via 4WD. They needed to do a creek crossing because one of the bridges was out. The remainder of the road was ok.

The email said the road would likely be closed until October 2008.

The Cup Day weekend however brought more rain and the Licola bridge was again out of action. Floods damaged Cheynes bridge. I hope the committee made it out OK. They are generous people who give their time so many young people can have an experience that is unique and precious.

It seems we may not be going there again in 2008. I am disappointed. It is the best place to see the starry night. The horse riding place we went to this year is not a patch on the experience up there. It's just not the same. I love Tamboritha.

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