25 November 2007

Massage Course - Day Two

Today was the final day of the introductory massage course. I feel confident to give massage to my nearest and dearest now. I purchased a table as I can see that having one will enable me to give a better massage, for longer, without tiring or injuring myself.

I was pleased with the course I have participated in. I was surprised how quickly the breaks came. I never felt bored or restless for a second. That is unusual for me in a course. This was very hands on and I think it's a great way to learn a practical skill.

The instructors were very professional and knowledgeable. They presented well and created a very safe learning environment. Their instructions were clear and the course was well structured. I was more relaxed and comfortable today. Yesterday it was all very new to me. It's amazing to feel such progress in learning.

I initially intended only to complete this introductory module, yet feel it is quite likely that I will complete the certificate or perhaps even the diploma. Whilst I don't see any likelihood of becoming a professional, I think it is an awesome skill for a number of reasons. I might tell you about them another time, because I have plenty to catch up on around here!!


Kat said...

congrats Joh :) so you know, I'm more than happy for you to get some practice on me!

hope you'r loving life as much as I am -can't bloody stop smiling and no, there's not any particular reason why.

Joh said...

Next time you come home - you have a massage waiting for you!

I'm delighted to hear your joy. It's great. Life is good here too!