21 November 2007

Sagittarian's Birthday Season

The sun enters Sagittarius today. There are a few Aussie bloggers who are Saggis, I have noticed. Megan Bayliss from Imaginif, is actually born on the same day as me! She's slightly older and wiser though. She also shares this date with my friend Rhonda. Kelly Marie has mentioned her birthday is the 18th December. There are probably others I haven't noticed. I have a daughter and a brother born in December also.

There are heaps of Saggis at work too. Must be a good 10% at a rough guess of the teachers. We must love teaching! I have found them to also have a great love of laughter. Christine Broadbent's: Sagittarius is an interesting read if you really want to know more about what makes us tick.
I found this great link and share the outlook of it's author, I seriously like to celebrate my birthday. So Happy Birthday to you all in case with all the rush of December I forget to wish you personally!


Karen (miscmum) said...

I am Saggi ;)

Old Megan over at Imaginif she was younger said...

lol...but I swear I am only 21 again. You must be very young then Joh?
I love Sagitarians. I get them and I admire their work ethic. I am under no illusions that sagitarians are easy to live with but by gee, we provide our families with an exciting and fascinating life.
What do you want for your birthdays Joh and Karen? I want to own my pole home on 5 acres of rainforest with a crystal clear stream, no neighbours and a bitchum road out the front so I can easily get to where I want to go...and I want to go a full day without any child being abused.
Happy Birthday to us.

Joh said...

Yay, another Saggi, I should have recognised you Karen!

Your birthday list has inspired me, only a couple of really short years older, Megan. I'm going to make a whole post on what I want for my birthday before OUR birthday. I have to think on it!