30 September 2007

Evan Almighty

The most interesting thing about this film for me was watching Lauren Graham in a different role. I have been watching 'The Gilmour Girls' this year on DVD. I love the series and especially Lorelai's character. So to see a different character, who wasn't as strong and spunky as Lorelai, was kind of freaky.

'Evan Almighty' was ok, there were a couple of laughs but I could have waited to see it on DVD. I must restore my weekly excursions to the cinema to see movies I want to see. I haven't felt compelled to see anything for a while though. Or doing anything much for that matter. All this must change!

My excursion with my adorable neice and nephew today was a great start. They were so fun and grateful, it was an absolute pleasure and the perfect antidote to the misery I've been wallowing in lately. I really need to remember this experience and be more proactive at doing different things to snap out of these funks I find myself in from time to time.


Missy said...

I saw this last week. I thought LG was really good in it. It was pretty funny.

I've actually been to the movies heaps more in the last few weeks but have been really disappointed: Evan Almighty was about what I expected - funny in bits, No Reservations was bad and boring, Premonition was not that good either. When Knocked Up is the best movie in a list I think there's something wrong.

Hope you have better luck!

Joh said...

Thanks - I'll definately keep your advice in mind when selecting. It's frustrating to go to a movie and be disappointed.