10 September 2007

New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse - 11th September 2007

Nothing to see this time folks...
This eclipse will only be seen from parts of South America, Antarctica and the South Atlantic.
Diving Gracefully
I found this article about the astrology of this period and I feel like I am falling rather than diving gracefully as the article suggests one should do. I am about the age of 42 and as suggested, perhaps I am having a mid-life crisis. More likely I am just tired and coming to terms with a thing or two. I know I will get above this melancholy and resistance to the changes occurring in my life. Only 9 school days left of this term. Reports to write, parent interviews, a deb ball to attend added to the usual routine means my holidays will be a fitting reward.
Highly Charged Date
September 11th is a date we all shudder to hear. Six years ago...I remember that day facing a class of students and trying to make sense of what they'd seen on TV before coming to school that day. I hadn't been teaching long, probably about 12 months (I was a late starter at 35). Not an event we'd ever want to see repeated anywhere on the planet.
On a Lighter Note
My son is no longer in Ja'mie's top friends on MySpace. He was booted today. He took it well.
I got loaned a copy of the sequel to "Don't Call Me Ishmael". 'Ishmael and the Return of the Dugongs", I am told is even funnier. I could do with a laugh.

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