26 September 2007

Full Moon 27th September 2007

This full moon in Aries is good for new beginnings and setting intentions for a fresh start. I've been reading a few different astrologers perspectives on this during this week because I've had the time. There are some different views though. You might want to read the following if this interests you:
Mystic Medusa:Mars Mood Cures
Christine Broadbent: Planetary Currents

The Harvest Moon tomorrow night is named for the Northern Hemisphere. Obviously it's not harvest time here. The name for the first moon in spring would be the Grass Moon. The names of full moons are also listed on the Earth and Sky website.

So I'm setting my intentions for beginning again. I've been doing heaps of cleaning and clearing of unwanted stuff, both in my home and in my head. I have revisited one of my most helpful books "Forgiveness: The Greatest Healer of All" by Gerald G. Jampolsky M.D.

One small distinction I have made for myself is that I have began intending to 'feel' rather than to 'be'. It has really changed the way I imagine the outcome and I think it might enhance my results. It will be interesting to see. Tomorrow I will redo my goals for this next term. I like to revisit my personal mission statement and goal setting each holidays. So this seems like a good time.

I enjoy this and don't check back on my goals and intentions throughout the term (I could make excuses yet can't be bothered). I achieve many things I set out to. I think it's just good to get clear about what I want. Then I can throw myself into the random, spontaneous, frantic pace of the term.

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