04 September 2007

'Tales of the Otori' by Lian Hearn

I forgot to name my good friend Carmel, when I was mentioning friends I was grateful for. She was lumped in with my work mates. She has leant me book 4 of the 'Tales of the Otori' series, 'The Harsh Cry of the Heron'. Carmel was my daughter's homeroom teacher when she started at secondary school and a real role model for her. When I started at the school I work at we soon became good friends. She'd come highly recommended.
Tales of the Otori
I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire series I've loaned from Carmel so far.
'Across the Nightingale Floor', 'Grass for His Pillow' and 'Brilliance of the Moon' were all wonderful and I look forward to reading this latest one. There is a new book 'Heavens Net is Wide' that goes back to the start. I will savour these ending and beginning books as I did Harry Potter.
Lian Hearn
Lian Hearn lives in Australia, yet these books are based in Japan. She weaves the landscape and mythology well and I learnt a lot from these books that helped me to understand Feudal Japan.
My Book Pile Right Now....
I have a delicious pile of books I'm currently reading in addition to 'The Harsh Cry of the Heron'. I have James Moloney's 'Master of the Books' and it every bit as engrossing as 'The Book of Lies'. I have Maureen McCarthy's 'Rose By Any Other Name' and I'm looking forward to that also. I have 7 other books in addition. Two of these I have began, yet put aside for these more compelling books. I may or may not get back to them!


Kim said...

oh I wish I had time to read Joh....
I have given you an award at my blog....laketrees.....

Joh said...

Wow, thanks for the award!

I read instead of watching TV. I read before I go to sleep. And if I have a really good book, I read when I am cooking, bathing, walking around the house doing housework, during breaks at work and sometimes, if it's really great, when I'm meant to be sleeping. Borderline addiction:-)