29 September 2007

My Blog is 2 today

So can we expect temper tantrums and wobbly walking and cute talking? Maybe! I don't know. I don't think it relates well to human development. Bad metaphor. My blog is a libran.
In case you didn't notice I have removed lots of pointless and fruitless advertising today. I have also reduced my tags to a little over a hundred. Not quite as reduced as I'd hoped, but still an improvement.
Right now I don't know what to expect from anything. Exciting hey! Scary too. I think I am getting a little stir crazy, home alone. Tomorrow I am going to visit my brother and his family and take his kids out for a movie, or some junk food, or what ever it is little kids like these days. I love kids. They are fun and in the moment, just what I need. Yes, I am not a great Auntie, I'm doing this for me.
I am feeling much restored after spending the day mostly in bed. My mum brought me magazines, soup and bread. She's a treasure. I am probably the only Victorian who doesn't know who won the 'Grand Final' - I wonder how long that will last.


Jaycee said...

I'm sure by now you know who won the grand final and I'm sure it made your day!

Happy blogiversary and hope there's not too many tantrums - in public anyway.

Loz said...

As a fellow Victorian I celebrated the win even of my team for the day. And happy birthday to you!

Joh said...

Thanks Jaycee and Loz.

I suffer from 'tired of football syndrome' that I developed from growing up with 4 brothers and belonging to an over zealous about football family. Let's just say, I tolerate it to be social.