02 October 2007

The Return of the Son etc..

He's back. It's a good thing. The house was too empty. I never thought I would feel like that. I have always appreciated my solitude, but I was delighted to have him home early.

Tonight the friends are all here upstairs watching movies and it feels like back to normal. A new kid (NK) came along tonight.
Son: Mum this is .....
NK: She already knows me.
Me: I do?
NK: Of course you do
Son: Were you in her class?
NK: No, but everyone knows me, ha ha.

How awkward. I don't recall her. It's often the case that every kid in the school knows you and somehow expects you to know them. There are over 600 kids on our campus. Impossible! I don't think she realised I had no idea who she was. Phew!


Kim said...

I love the new look...must be spring as I have been working on mine too...
I have tagged you for a meme....feel free to participate if you have time...
enjoy your hols..... :)

Joh said...

Yes, Spring has got to me! Thanks for the meme tag. I will do my best. Random Facts hey:)