26 October 2007

Year 9 Camp 2007

This camp was the best I have attended with a year 9 group. This is entirely due to the enthusiastic spirit and willingness to co-operate and enjoy time together by all involved. They were absolutely a pleasure to be with. We all enjoyed good sleep, they settled well, they were appreciative of everything and got along well. I am so delighted with them.

The staff who came were great to work with and participated in all the activities. When everyone pulls their weight and has a sense of humour it is fun. We rode horses, surfed, had long walks and spent time at Point Nepean. It's a bit of a challenge for me at 41, to keep up with teenagers physically. I have some seldom used muscles that are now begging for a long hot bath, (that is currently running!).

I always enjoy the year 9 camps. There are usually ups and downs but at the end, no matter how exhausted I am, I enjoy getting to know the kids better. These kids were exceptional though. There was always someone offering to help or volunteer their service, usually several vying for the chance. They cooked, cleaned, ate well, said their 'please' and 'thanks' and looked after themselves and each other with ease. They made me coffee carried each others bags and did lots of little, yet considerate and thoughtful things that made a difference.

There was no whining, complaining or bickering between them, as is often the case. Frequently on camps a handful of students will stand out as people you would be happy to send home to their parents, I can honestly say, I didn't feel this at all about a single one of them.


Loz said...

That I think is one of the great things about being a teacher. I'm not one, but I did go on the Grade 6 camp with three of my kids to the Grampians and in 2005 on the Year 10 Central Australia camp with my oldest daughter. Exhausting but great fun all of them :)

Joh said...

Yes indeed Loz, read today's post for the other side ;-) - Seriously though, it is really precious time and I feel very grateful to be a teacher.