19 October 2007

Reflecting on Communities

As I was driving home from work tonight, I was reflecting on my community at work. I love the people I work with. It makes all the difference. Even those I am not close to, I appreciate. At the worst of times and the best of times it is great to belong to a community.

Reading my feeds I found on Snoskred's "Life in the Country" a beautiful post along the same lines of what I had been thinking. Her guest blogger Tiffany from 3 Ring Circus had written this lovely post about living in a community: Out of Her Niche.

I think communities can be built in all different kinds of places. I have lived in small communities and enjoyed the 'neighbourly' kind of community and have experienced community in workplaces, friendship circles, families and through my children's lives. It is a valuable thing.

I agree with Tiffany that sometimes you don't have to be like them or even necessarily spend a lot of time together, but when you belong to one, they are there for you and it's a marvellous thing.


tiff said...

Thank you so much. Wow! That is so nice coming from such a well known Aussie blogger.

Joh said...

Thank you for your comment Tiffany. I thoroughly enjoyed your article.

Duchess said...

Hey Joh,

Thanks for posting about Tiffany's "Out of Her Niche." It was a great read.

Really said it all.

Joh said...

Duchess, I agree, it was really touching. Hope you are doing well.