17 October 2007

Carer's Week: 14th - 20th October

The National Depression Initiative: Beyond Blue is recognising carers this week. I take my hat off to those who care for someone suffering with depression. Carers are all around us. Those tired looking people who work with you all day and then go home and do a second shift, patiently, lovingly with family or friends. Some of the students at my school are carers for parents with mental health issues. It's a big job. In most cases you will never hear about it. It reminds me to be kind to everyone, just in case they are carrying a bigger load than you know.

If you want more information Beyond Blue is a great site. There's a lot of information for all kinds of concerns.


Megan over at Imaginif said...

Thanks for helping to raise awareness of this Joh. I am one of those many carers. Not only do I work in a stressful field (sexual assault therapist and protective behaviour consultant) I also care for a family member with bipolar. It is hard work sometimes and I often want to sit down and howl. I get over myself though and remember how lucky I actually am.

Joh said...

You are amazing and have a wonderful blog as well. I was a youth worker for a very short period and burnt out very quickly. I seriously admire anyone who can supply the love in action that you do.