28 July 2007

Thanks J K Rowling

I have finally completed the latest Harry Potter. I guess it has only been a week, yet it was really burning a hole in my attention span so to speak. I kept wanting to read it and attempting to steal time from other activities. I had a delightful surprise this week at school when a friend put her copy (she had finished it) on my desk with a block of chocolate after hearing me complain about sharing with my son. He finished the same day! So I had a copy at home and at school and slotted in reading in every spare moment.
I was totally satisfied with the conclusion to the story and am very grateful to J.K. Rowling for the many hours of pleasure she has given me and my loved ones. We have all read it now and can discuss how it ended. It is the general consensus in my family that we are satisfied with how it ended up.


Jaycee said...

I hope someone lends me a copy. I'd like to buy a box set of all 7 books once they come out.

Joh said...

I hope so too! Make sure you ask around. I reckon, there will be lots of copies out there that others have just finished with and will be happy to loan.

Coach said...

I think I too will look at buying a set of all seven books. I haven't read any of them yet and I love to read a series of books one after the other. I finally got around to reading The Running Man and quite enjoyed it. Don't call me Ishmael is sitting on the table ready to start tonight.

Joh said...

Having finished them, I almost envy you having the whole series to look forward to. My kids have reread the series, so maybe I will too one day. I'm not that great at rereading though.
I'm glad you enjoyed 'The Running Man', 'Don't Call Me Ishmael' is quite different I found.
Let me know what you think.