14 July 2007

New Moon Tonight

Mystic Medusa inspires me to follow the advice of my other favourite astrologer Yasmin Boland for tonight's new moon. I am going to write some intentions in my journal and light a candle at 10.05 to add some weight to my focus.
Holidays End
I am experiencing the general regret that the holidays are over and a little angst at how little I've achieved.
Learning Experience
Most school holidays I go away for a week with my significant other. We go for little local holidays in self-contained holiday houses and just get away from it all. We walk, nap, eat, watch movies, read and generally refresh ourselves. I chose not to go this holiday. I felt like I had too much to do and I'd had the flu and I just couldn't be bothered with the effort it would take to get away. I have probably achieved less than I usually do during the holidays. What was I thinking? I should have gone!

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