13 July 2007

Navigating Midlife:women becoming themselves

Middle Age

Navigating Midlife:women becoming themselves by Robyn Vickers-Willis has sidetracked me from all my intentions this week. I think it has been a long overdue personal stocktake. My wonderful new masseur lent me a copy of the book. I must admit it took me a little time to accept that I am in midlife, or middle aged. Denial! I guess writing the post about turning 30 also caused me to reflect on age related matters. Not that I will ever accept that the number of years defines who you are or how you are to behave, yet it was an interesting realisation and the book provided much needed reflection.

Personal Growth

There was nothing shattering or new to me in this book. I began doing personal growth courses and reading when I was in my early 20s. I think it was a little too early to be honest. Intellectually, I could understand much of what I read and experienced, but I had little real life experience to apply it to. I haven't really focussed as much on personal growth the past 10 years or so. I have occassionally read a book, watched a DVD, read a few blogs and just stuck with the practises I have found most helpful, meditating, exercising, journalling and have picked up and put down other tools as needs arose.

Useful Tools

This book reminded me of the stages and growth times and allowed me to focus on my current stage. I enjoyed it and feel I will reflect on it for some time. I particularly enjoyed the second half of the book that focussed on the many ways we can become more ourselves.

Australian Difference

The other thing I really loved about this book, is the author was an Australian woman. I could identify with her experience. Many books I have read in my life have been written by international authors and whilst it's really no big deal, it's great to really know the society and environment the author is speaking from. I always appreciate Australian things for this reason. Perhaps it's because when I was growing up there were so few Australian authors or films I was exposed to.

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