27 July 2007

Planting Trees

It feels so great to do something practical. We took 50 kids from our school out to a park today and planted 900 trees. I am exhausted tonight, but I feel satisfied. The kids really threw themselves into it. When we asked for volunteers, my entire class immediately volunteered and brought their forms back the next day to ensure they got to go. There were plenty of kids in the school who wanted to go, so we had to make it a first in best dressed arrangement. Kids were rushing into the office before school to try to be the first and the cut off occurred before homeroom started.

If you were cynical, you could say it was just about having a day out of the classroom. I believe 80% at least though want to do the right thing. They want to make a difference and are quick to jump to opportunities to do so. I see many kids doing amazing volunteer work in my community and I will tell you more about some of the things they do soon. Today it's the tree planters day.

We could harness this enthusiasm and good will more often. If only we had the energy to keep up and keep it safe!


Snoskred said...

That is so cool! ;) Yay for 900 new trees planted..


Joh said...

Yay indeed, thanks for dropping by Snoskred, and I hope you are over your cold!

Kat said...

that's fabulous, does this mean that Traralgon is no longer officially in drought?

Joh said...

No Idea Kat, but we've had quite a bit of rain lately. Trees were planted at Tyres.