01 July 2006

Loch Sport

I have just returned from a week away at Loch Sport. Well actually, we stayed about 8 kms out of Loch Sport at a place called the 90 Mile Beach Holiday Retreat. I have barely seen another human, apart from Andy of course for a week and I loved every minute of it to be honest. I feel like a new person. I have read volumes and listened to podcasts I downloaded months ago. I have napped and walked on the beach and taken heaps of photos of shells, which were abundant there. I have had time to think and to imagine. It has been magnificent.
I have shaken off my cold and forgotten all the drama's I was caught up in before I left. I have made decisions and had ideas about changes I want to make. I have had time to appreciate was a blessed life I live. I am ready to go back to work on Monday with a positive outlook.

1 comment:

Kat said...

sounds glorious, I'm happy for you Joh.
Love Kat