24 June 2006


We are off on our holiday tomorrow. So today is about packing up everything to go. We were meant to go yesterday but I spent the day trying to work out the power problem with my home.
We apparently have a shortage of electricians so I was unable to get one yesterday. It was probably a good thing though because I don't charge as much as they do and I was eventually able to work out the problem and fix it by removing a lightglobe and not using any power in that room. Today I might experiment more with using other appliances in that room so I can ensure it is the particular thing I thought it was. At least I saved myself another bill. It was a waste of a day though and quite stressful.
I had imagined all kinds of scenarios involving needing to get the house rewired and felt quite distressed about it all in the end.
Anyway, now I guess I will get back to my lists of what to take away. We are going to Loch Sport. I don't remember ever having gone there before. I am looking forward to getting away. I still have a slight cold, but am feeling better every day now. I need to change my habits back to healthier ones.
I haven't been exercising at all lately or any other healthy things!

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