04 July 2006

Rebelling Against Myself

I think I have some kind of 'Don't tell me what to do!' attitude towards myself! For weeks now I have been attempting to get up early and go for a walk. Every morning I have just continued to lay in bed and get another half to an hours sleep, leaving it too late to go for a walk. Even whilst I was on holidays, my mind was filled with excuses about why I couldn't, shouldn't, or plain didn't want to.
Yesterday when I was journalling I wrote that all promises to myself were off as far as walking in the morning went. I had been feeling like a failure about it. I had been reading this interview with Stephen M. Covey (Stephen R. Covey's son) about 'Trust' and how important it was in business etc. He's writing a book called 'The SPEED of Trust : Why Trust Is the Ultimate Determinant of Success or Failure in Your Relationships, Career, and Life' He talked about breaking agreements with yourself so I figured I shouldn't keep doing this.
Anyway, this morning, with no pressure, I popped out of bed, put my runners on and went walking. Go figure!

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1 comment:

Kat said...

Woah Joh, me too. Cept I didn't make the realisation til you said it.
I'm totally going to check out that book.
Go you. I' proud of you for doing it this morning.