07 July 2006

Discovering Podcasts

I have been aware of them for a while, but until I went away and actually listened to the dozen or so I had collected, I really had no appreciation for podcasting. It is a very cool thing though and tonight I have tried to find them but found it a bit difficult. It seems I have to stumble upon them as I did with the two I mentioned in my last post.

But I did find this Yahoo! Podcasts and whilst I haven't fully explored it yet, it looks like a very good starting point, so I thought I would put the link here. If I find anything really good specifically I will mention it here.

The ABC website have lots too and I listened to a couple of Triple J ones as well as listening to New Dimensions (can't download though) and The Book Show. I love the ABC website.

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Jo McLeay said...

Hi Joh,
I love podcasts too. I listen to Bud the Teacher, and to David Warlick on Connect Learning, as well as to the Worldbridges webcasts (live interactive and then saved as a podcast) and of course to Bob Sprankle. They are all a bit interlinked and I subscribe to them on iTunes. I go to the iTunes music store and look for education podcasts (as that's my passion. Good hunting with whatever it is you are looking for.