13 June 2006

Firelighters and shortcuts

Tonight I have spent so much time trying to light a fire because I wanted to do it in a hurry. I didn't get the things that I needed because I didn't have time to go back out to the shed to get some smaller peices of wood. I didn't have firelighters because I keep forgetting them everytime I go to the supermarket. Hence, trying to save time has taken me forever and now from all the billowing and frantic blowing on the dying little embers I have managed to create I am no longer needing a fire because I am quite hot.

I know it is silly and you have my permission to laugh at me.


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Stef said...

Hi there.
I wanted to post a quick comment and say thanks for the comment. :)

also.. I currently have friends living in Victoria. Geelong to be exact. How cool is that. :)