12 June 2006


I have spent a bit of time this week looking at houses for sale. I like houses that are spacious and a bit different. There aren't too many around. I have always been willing to overlook many expensive problems for something in that category. Which is quite dangerous to my finances. It's lucky I have someone who is level headed with me this time.
A bit different, to me, is not paint colour or extreme laminex, but structual difference. I like homes that have been built to incorporate the environment outside or with designs that take into account views or weather. I like houses that are not the same as every other house in the streets. I like streets with individual houses and no twins in sight.
There are a lot of little houses with renovations done that are fabulous and others that are too extreme and appear out of character for the house. I am growing to prefer the beige that Stan our interior decorator when we were in 'Unique Furnishings' always recommended with a laugh. Reminds me of the 'beige joke' told at my wedding.

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