10 June 2006

Winter Naked Tree

If I think I am cold imagine how this poor tree must feel
It is so cold though. I don't feel motivated. The son's gland in his throat is so huge. I was listening to him breathe last night because I was scared the other side might get that big and there would be no channel for him to breathe through. He survived needless to say. I probably should take him to the doctors but he's already had penicillin twice this year and I don't think it is healthy. We've taken him about 4 times and had swabs and the blood tests for glandular fever. It is still happening though. I am going to make him rest and hopefully his body will find the resources to fight it once and for all.

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Tom said...

lucky you were listening out. it sure did feel like my thorat would close up as well. grrr stupid blogger.