04 June 2006

Playtime - Not for girls!

This article follows from Germaine Greer's speech at Permira Leisureland, a panel debate on the future of the leisure industry in the UK.

When Andrew showed me all his toys, kayaks, camera's, motorbike and a variety of other novel objects whose purpose is generally leisure and amusement I had nothing to show in return. Half finished crafts for my half finished home, my home itself and my kids are how I spend my leisure time. If I think about leisure time I imagine myself filling it with sleep. I have also noticed that many women don't play silly games with pets and small children either. This is not a complaint but I think Germaine Greer has accurately described the state of my reality around play.
I especially love the line " Your house is clean enough. Come out and play" I think that feeling, of playing, having fun, involve food and laughter with others. These things can involve work though. Mmm, I want to find a toy and play with it...

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