02 May 2006


I have been walking the past two nights. Andy and I are checking out homes around town that we see for sale in the local paper. It really is a great way to look at them. You can get a better feel for the area if you approach it on foot. I am also feeling more well. I have a little more energy in my day. This is not new information to me but I seem to always slip off the walking path and just stop. I feel too tired, it's too cold, I'm too busy are some of the excuses I use. I resist the urge to make any grand promises about never doing this again. I hope I continue to be this kind to myself.
Autumn is the best time to walk though. I love the leaves. The crunchy deep ones as well as the drifting ones that fall like confetti yet more elegantly and gently. I love the days that are sunny and clear yet have a coolness that allows you do do plenty. It is a great time of the year.

I haven't been writing many posts lately. Not entirely sure why, but mostly haven't had much to say. I feel contented right now and that is enough for me.

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